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type Dependency

type Dependency struct {
	Parent    string `cql:"parent"`
	Child     string `cql:"child"`
	CallCount int64  `cql:"call_count"` // always unsigned, but we cannot explicitly read uint64 from Cassandra

Dependency is the UDT representation of a Jaeger Dependency.

func (*Dependency) MarshalUDT

func (d *Dependency) MarshalUDT(name string, info gocql.TypeInfo) ([]byte, error)

MarshalUDT handles marshalling a Dependency.

func (*Dependency) UnmarshalUDT

func (d *Dependency) UnmarshalUDT(name string, info gocql.TypeInfo, data []byte) error

UnmarshalUDT handles unmarshalling a Dependency.

type DependencyStore

type DependencyStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DependencyStore handles all queries and insertions to Cassandra dependencies

func NewDependencyStore

func NewDependencyStore(
	session cassandra.Session,
	metricsFactory metrics.Factory,
	logger *zap.Logger,
) *DependencyStore

NewDependencyStore returns a DependencyStore

func (*DependencyStore) GetDependencies

func (s *DependencyStore) GetDependencies(endTs time.Time, lookback time.Duration) ([]model.DependencyLink, error)

GetDependencies returns all interservice dependencies

func (*DependencyStore) WriteDependencies

func (s *DependencyStore) WriteDependencies(ts time.Time, dependencies []model.DependencyLink) error

WriteDependencies implements dependencystore.Writer#WriteDependencies.

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