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func ClearObjectHash

func ClearObjectHash(obj runtime.Object)

Takes a Kubernetes object and removes the annotation with its hash.

func GetObjectHash

func GetObjectHash(obj runtime.Object) string

Takes a Kubernetes object and returns the hash in its annotations as a string.

func GetTargetPort

func GetTargetPort(port corev1.ServicePort, pod corev1.Pod) int

Return an integer target port from a ServicePort for a pod.

func HashObject

func HashObject(obj runtime.Object) string

Return a SHA1 hash of a Kubernetes object

func MergeMaps

func MergeMaps(base map[string]string, second map[string]string) map[string]string

Merge two maps. The keys in second will overwrite any matching keys in base.

func SetObjectHash

func SetObjectHash(obj runtime.Object)

Takes a Kubernetes object and adds an annotation with its hash.


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