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Package v1beta1 is the first version of the Stack spec, containing only a compose file



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const GroupName = api.GroupName

GroupName is the group name used to register these objects Deprecated: Use github.com/docker/compose-on-kubernetes/api/compose/v1beta1.GroupName instead

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const MaxComposeVersion = api.MaxComposeVersion

MaxComposeVersion is the most recent version of compose file Schema supported in v1beta1 Deprecated: Use github.com/docker/compose-on-kubernetes/api/compose/v1beta1.MaxComposeVersion instead


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var (
	// SchemeGroupVersion is group version used to register these objects
	// Deprecated: Use github.com/docker/compose-on-kubernetes/api/compose/v1beta1.SchemeGroupVersion instead
	SchemeGroupVersion = api.SchemeGroupVersion
	// Deprecated: Use github.com/docker/compose-on-kubernetes/api/compose/v1beta1.SchemeBuilder instead
	SchemeBuilder = api.SchemeBuilder
	// Deprecated: Use github.com/docker/compose-on-kubernetes/api/compose/v1beta1.AddToScheme instead
	AddToScheme = api.AddToScheme

Alias variables for the registration

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var Resource = api.Resource

Resource takes an unqualified resource and returns a Group qualified GroupResource Deprecated: Use github.com/docker/compose-on-kubernetes/api/compose/v1beta1.Resource instead


This section is empty.


type Owner deprecated

This type has been deprecated.
type Owner = api.Owner

Owner defines the owner of a stack. It is used to impersonate the controller calls to kubernetes api. Deprecated: Use github.com/docker/compose-on-kubernetes/api/compose/v1beta1.Owner instead

type Stack deprecated

This type has been deprecated.
type Stack = api.Stack

Stack defines a stack object to be register in the kubernetes API Deprecated: Use github.com/docker/compose-on-kubernetes/api/compose/v1beta1.Stack instead

type StackList deprecated

This type has been deprecated.
type StackList = api.StackList

StackList defines a list of stacks Deprecated: Use github.com/docker/compose-on-kubernetes/api/compose/v1beta1.StackList instead

type StackPhase deprecated

This type has been deprecated.
type StackPhase = api.StackPhase

StackPhase defines the status phase in which the stack is. Deprecated: Use github.com/docker/compose-on-kubernetes/api/compose/v1beta1.StackPhase instead

const (
	// StackAvailable means the stack is available.
	// Deprecated: Use github.com/docker/compose-on-kubernetes/api/compose/v1beta1.StackAvailable instead
	StackAvailable StackPhase = api.StackAvailable
	// StackProgressing means the deployment is progressing.
	// Deprecated: Use github.com/docker/compose-on-kubernetes/api/compose/v1beta1.StackProgressing instead
	StackProgressing StackPhase = api.StackProgressing
	// StackFailure is added in a stack when one of its members fails to be created
	// or deleted.
	// Deprecated: Use github.com/docker/compose-on-kubernetes/api/compose/v1beta1.StackFailure instead
	StackFailure StackPhase = api.StackFailure

These are valid conditions of a stack.

type StackSpec deprecated

This type has been deprecated.
type StackSpec = api.StackSpec

StackSpec defines the desired state of Stack Deprecated: Use github.com/docker/compose-on-kubernetes/api/compose/v1beta1.StackSpec instead

type StackStatus deprecated

This type has been deprecated.
type StackStatus = api.StackStatus

StackStatus defines the observed state of Stack Deprecated: Use github.com/docker/compose-on-kubernetes/api/compose/v1beta1.StackStatus instead

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