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func ChannelStatusArrayToMap

func ChannelStatusArrayToMap(a []ChannelStatus) map[string]ChannelStatus

func ResourcesToXml

func ResourcesToXml(r []Resource) ([]byte, error)

func SetAPIVersion

func SetAPIVersion(v string)


type ChannelGroup

type ChannelGroup struct {
	XMLName      xml.Name              `xml:"channelGroup"`
	Versionø     string                `xml:"version,attr"`
	Idø          string                `xml:"id"`
	Nameø        string                `xml:"name"`
	Descriptionø string                `xml:"description"`
	Channelsø    []ChannelGroupChannel `xml:"channels>channel"`

func ChannelGroupsFromXml

func ChannelGroupsFromXml(b []byte) []ChannelGroup

func NewChannelGroup

func NewChannelGroup(id string, name string, description string, channels ChannelIdIterator) ChannelGroup

func NewChannelGroups

func NewChannelGroups(cgis []ChannelGroupInterface) []ChannelGroup

Creates a []ChannelGroup from a []ChannelGroupInterface

func (*ChannelGroup) AddChannel

func (Ω *ChannelGroup) AddChannel(v ChannelId)

func (*ChannelGroup) AddChannels

func (Ω *ChannelGroup) AddChannels(chIdIt ChannelIdIterator)

func (*ChannelGroup) AppendChannel

func (Ω *ChannelGroup) AppendChannel(v ChannelGroupChannel)

func (*ChannelGroup) Channels

func (Ω *ChannelGroup) Channels() []ChannelGroupChannel

func (*ChannelGroup) Description

func (Ω *ChannelGroup) Description() string

func (*ChannelGroup) Id

func (Ω *ChannelGroup) Id() string

func (*ChannelGroup) Name

func (Ω *ChannelGroup) Name() string

func (*ChannelGroup) SetChannels

func (Ω *ChannelGroup) SetChannels(v []ChannelGroupChannel)

func (*ChannelGroup) SetDescription

func (Ω *ChannelGroup) SetDescription(v string)

func (*ChannelGroup) SetId

func (Ω *ChannelGroup) SetId(v string)

func (*ChannelGroup) SetName

func (Ω *ChannelGroup) SetName(v string)

type ChannelGroupChannel

type ChannelGroupChannel struct {
	XMLName  xml.Name `xml:"channel"`
	Versionø string   `xml:"version,attr"`
	Idø      string   `xml:"id"`

func (*ChannelGroupChannel) Id

func (Ω *ChannelGroupChannel) Id() string

func (*ChannelGroupChannel) SetId

func (Ω *ChannelGroupChannel) SetId(v string)

type ChannelGroupInterface

type ChannelGroupInterface interface {
	Name() string
	GroupId() string
	Description() string

type ChannelId

type ChannelId interface {
	ChannelId() string

type ChannelIdIterator

type ChannelIdIterator interface {
	ChannelIdIterator() (chan ChannelId, chan bool)

type ChannelStatus

type ChannelStatus struct {
	ChannelIdø string `xml:"channelId"`
	Nameø      string `xml:"name"`
	Stateø     string `xml:"state"`

func ChannelStatusFromXml

func ChannelStatusFromXml(b []byte) []ChannelStatus

func (ChannelStatus) ChannelId

func (Ω ChannelStatus) ChannelId() string

func (ChannelStatus) Name

func (Ω ChannelStatus) Name() string

func (ChannelStatus) SetChannelId

func (Ω ChannelStatus) SetChannelId(v string)

func (ChannelStatus) SetName

func (Ω ChannelStatus) SetName(v string)

func (ChannelStatus) SetState

func (Ω ChannelStatus) SetState(v string)

func (ChannelStatus) State

func (Ω ChannelStatus) State() string

type ChannelStatusFilter

type ChannelStatusFilter func(ch ChannelStatus) bool

type ChannelStatusSlice

type ChannelStatusSlice struct {
	Slice   []ChannelStatus
	Filters channelStatusFilters
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (ChannelStatusSlice) ChannelIdIterator

func (Ω ChannelStatusSlice) ChannelIdIterator() (chan ChannelId, chan bool)

func (*ChannelStatusSlice) ClearFilters

func (Ω *ChannelStatusSlice) ClearFilters()

clears all filters used in iterators

func (*ChannelStatusSlice) Filter

adds a filter to be used by iterators

func (*ChannelStatusSlice) Iterator

func (Ω *ChannelStatusSlice) Iterator() (chan ChannelStatus, chan bool)

func (*ChannelStatusSlice) ToMap

func (Ω *ChannelStatusSlice) ToMap() map[string]ChannelStatus

func (*ChannelStatusSlice) ToMapById

func (Ω *ChannelStatusSlice) ToMapById() map[string]ChannelStatus

func (*ChannelStatusSlice) ToMapByName

func (Ω *ChannelStatusSlice) ToMapByName() map[string]ChannelStatus

type ChannelXMLFile

type ChannelXMLFile struct {
	ChannelId string `xml:"id"`
	Name      string `xml:"name"`

type CodeLibraries

type CodeLibraries struct {
	XMLName   xml.Name      `xml:"list"`
	Libraries []CodeLibrary `xml:",innerxml"`

type CodeLibrary

type CodeLibrary struct {
	XMLName            xml.Name                     `xml:"codeTemplateLibrary"`
	Id                 string                       `xml:"id"`
	Name               string                       `xml:"name"`
	Revision           string                       `xml:"revision"`
	Description        string                       `xml:"description"`
	IncludeNewChannels bool                         `xml:"includeNewChannels"`
	EnabledChannelIds  []string                     `xml:"enabledChannelIds>string"`
	DisabledChannelIds []string                     `xml:"disabledChannelIds>string"`
	CodeTemplateRefs   []CodeLibraryCodeTemplateRef `xml:"codeTemplates>codeTemplate"`

type CodeLibraryCodeTemplateRef

type CodeLibraryCodeTemplateRef struct {
	XMLName  xml.Name `xml:"codeTemplate"`
	Id       string   `xml:"id"`
	Versionø string   `xml:"version,attr"`

type CodeTemplate

type CodeTemplate struct {
	XMLName     xml.Name `xml:"codeTemplate"`
	Versionø    string   `xml:"version,attr"`
	XMLContentø string   `xml:",innerxml"`

type CodeTemplates

type CodeTemplates struct {
	XMLName   xml.Name       `xml:"list"`
	Templates []CodeTemplate `xml:",innerxml"`

type ConfigMapEntry

type ConfigMapEntry struct {
	XMLName xml.Name `xml:"entry"`
	Key     string   `xml:"string"`
	Value   string   `xml:"com.mirth.connect.util.ConfigurationProperty>value"`
	Comment string   `xml:"com.mirth.connect.util.ConfigurationProperty>comment"`

type ConfigurationMap

type ConfigurationMap struct {
	XMLName xml.Name         `xml:"map"`
	Entries []ConfigMapEntry `xml:",innerxml"`

type Resource

type Resource struct {
	Versionø        string `xml:"version,attr"`
	PluginPointName string `xml:"pluginPointName"`
	Type            string `xml:"type"`
	Id              string `xml:"id"`
	Name            string `xml:"name"`
	Description     string `xml:"description"`
	IsGlobal        bool   `xml:"includeWithGlobalScripts"`
	Directory       string `xml:"directory"`
	Recursive       bool   `xml:"directoryRecursion"`

func NewDefaultResource

func NewDefaultResource() *Resource

func NewResource

func NewResource() *Resource

func ResourcesFromXml

func ResourcesFromXml(b []byte) []Resource

type SystemInfo

type SystemInfo struct {
	JVMVersion     string `xml:"jvmVersion"`
	OSName         string `xml:"osName"`
	OSVersion      string `xml:"osVersion"`
	OSArchitecture string `xml:"osArchitecture"`
	DBName         string `xml:"dbName"`
	DBVersion      string `xml:"dbVersion"`

func SystemInfoFromXml

func SystemInfoFromXml(b []byte) (m SystemInfo)

type User

type User struct {
	Id       string `xml:"id"`
	UserName string `xml:"username"`

func UserFromXml

func UserFromXml(b []byte) (m User)

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