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Package iptables provides an interface and implementations for running iptables commands.



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func GetIptablesVersionString

func GetIptablesVersionString(exec utilexec.Interface) (string, error)

GetIptablesVersionString runs "iptables --version" to get the version string, then matches for vX.X.X e.g. if "iptables --version" outputs: "iptables v1.3.66" then it would would return "v1.3.66", nil


type Chain

type Chain string
const (
	ChainPostrouting Chain = "POSTROUTING"
	ChainPrerouting  Chain = "PREROUTING"
	ChainOutput      Chain = "OUTPUT"

type FlushFlag

type FlushFlag bool

Option flag for Restore

const FlushTables FlushFlag = true
const NoFlushTables FlushFlag = false

type Interface

type Interface interface {
	// EnsureChain checks if the specified chain exists and, if not, creates it.  If the chain existed, return true.
	EnsureChain(table Table, chain Chain) (bool, error)
	// FlushChain clears the specified chain.  If the chain did not exist, return error.
	FlushChain(table Table, chain Chain) error
	// DeleteChain deletes the specified chain.  If the chain did not exist, return error.
	DeleteChain(table Table, chain Chain) error
	// EnsureRule checks if the specified rule is present and, if not, creates it.  If the rule existed, return true.
	EnsureRule(position RulePosition, table Table, chain Chain, args ...string) (bool, error)
	// DeleteRule checks if the specified rule is present and, if so, deletes it.
	DeleteRule(table Table, chain Chain, args ...string) error
	// IsIpv6 returns true if this is managing ipv6 tables
	IsIpv6() bool
	// TODO: (BenTheElder) Unit-Test Save/SaveAll, Restore/RestoreAll
	// Save calls `iptables-save` for table.
	Save(table Table) ([]byte, error)
	// SaveAll calls `iptables-save`.
	SaveAll() ([]byte, error)
	// Restore runs `iptables-restore` passing data through a temporary file.
	// table is the Table to restore
	// data should be formatted like the output of Save()
	// flush sets the presence of the "--noflush" flag. see: FlushFlag
	// counters sets the "--counters" flag. see: RestoreCountersFlag
	Restore(table Table, data []byte, flush FlushFlag, counters RestoreCountersFlag) error
	// RestoreAll is the same as Restore except that no table is specified.
	RestoreAll(data []byte, flush FlushFlag, counters RestoreCountersFlag) error

An injectable interface for running iptables commands. Implementations must be goroutine-safe.

func New

func New(exec utilexec.Interface, protocol Protocol) Interface

New returns a new Interface which will exec iptables.

type Protocol

type Protocol byte
const (
	ProtocolIpv4 Protocol = iota + 1

type RestoreCountersFlag

type RestoreCountersFlag bool

Option flag for Restore

const NoRestoreCounters RestoreCountersFlag = false
const RestoreCounters RestoreCountersFlag = true

type RulePosition

type RulePosition string
const (
	Prepend RulePosition = "-I"
	Append  RulePosition = "-A"

type Table

type Table string
const (
	TableNAT Table = "nat"

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