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const EmptyPixel = "  "


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var ColoredRuneModel = color.ModelFunc(colorRuneModel)

ColoredRuneModel is needed to construct images.


func FormatColor

func FormatColor(bg bool, c color.Color) string

FormatColor converts from an image.Color to an ANSI escape code setting the terminal to that color.


type Charpix

type Charpix struct {
	Pix    []ColoredRune
	Stride int
	Rect   image.Rectangle

Charpix is an Image with the ColoredRuneModel.

func New

func New(rect image.Rectangle) *Charpix

New creates a new instance of Charpix given a rectangle specifying dimensions

func (*Charpix) At

func (p *Charpix) At(x, y int) color.Color

At implements image.Image.At by returning the color at the given location.

func (*Charpix) Bounds

func (p *Charpix) Bounds() image.Rectangle

Bounds implements image.Image.Bounds by directly returning the Rect.

func (*Charpix) ColorModel

func (p *Charpix) ColorModel() color.Model

ColorModel returns the model for the Charpix, which is always ColoredRuneModel.

func (*Charpix) PixOffset

func (p *Charpix) PixOffset(x, y int) int

PixOffset returns the index of the first element of Pix that corresponds to the pixel at (x, y).

func (*Charpix) RowToLine

func (p *Charpix) RowToLine(y int) string

RowToLine converts a row of pixel runes into a styled string.

func (*Charpix) SetRune

func (p *Charpix) SetRune(x, y int, c ColoredRune)

SetRune sets a pixel.

type ColoredRune

type ColoredRune struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ColoredRune represents a string of characters with a 24bit true-color foreground and background.

func (ColoredRune) RGBA

func (c ColoredRune) RGBA() (r, g, b, a uint32)

RGBA converts a ColoredRune to an RGBA color.

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