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func LddType

func LddType(output []byte) string

LddType parses some output bytes and returns the libc name

func LddVersion

func LddVersion() *exec.Cmd

LddVersion returns a command for running "ldd --version"

func LibcType

func LibcType() string

LibcType returns the name of Libc the system is currently using, based on the output of `ldd --version`. Unknown or error types will return "".

func Manager

func Manager() *stager.Manager

func OsManifest

func OsManifest() []string

func Remote

func Remote(user, host, path string) string

Remote returns a string specifying a remote host path. Relative paths traverse from the users home dir

func Unison

func Unison(local, remote string, repeat bool, onlyPaths ...string) (*command.T, error)

Unison returns a unison command to use for syncing. An error is returned if onlyPaths are not within local.


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