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Manages AWS Auth v4 requests to DynamoDB. See for more information on v4 signed requests. For examples, see any of the package in the `endpoints` directory.



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const (
	IAM_WARN_MESSAGE = "check roles sources and make sure you have run one of the roles " +
		"management functions in package conf_iam, such as GoIAM"


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var Client *http.Client

Client for executing requests.


func GetRespReqID

func GetRespReqID(response http.Response) (string, error)

GetRespReqID retrieves the unique identifier from the AWS Response

func MatchCheckSum

func MatchCheckSum(response http.Response, respbody []byte) (bool, error)

MatchCheckSum will perform a local crc32 on the response body and match it against the aws crc32 *** WARNING *** There seems to be a mismatch between what Go calculates and what AWS (java?) calculates here, I believe related to utf8 (go) vs utf16 (java), but I don't know enough about encodings to solve it. So until that issue is solved, don't use this.

func RawReq

func RawReq(reqJSON []byte, amzTarget string) (string, string, int, error)

RawReq will sign and transmit the request to the AWS DynanoDB endpoint. This method is DynamoDB-specific.

func Req

func Req(reqJSON []byte, amzTarget string) (string, string, int, error)

Req is just a wrapper for RawReq if we need to massage data before dispatch.


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Manages signing tasks required by AWS Auth v4 requests to DynamoDB.
Manages signing tasks required by AWS Auth v4 requests to DynamoDB.

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