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func IsAlwaysTrust

func IsAlwaysTrust(ctx context.Context) bool

IsAlwaysTrust will return the value of the always trust flag or the default (false)

func WithAlwaysTrust

func WithAlwaysTrust(ctx context.Context, at bool) context.Context

WithAlwaysTrust will return a context with the flag for always trust set

type Identity

type Identity struct {
	Name           string
	Comment        string
	Email          string
	CreationDate   time.Time
	ExpirationDate time.Time

Identity is a GPG identity, one key can have many IDs

func (Identity) ID

func (i Identity) ID() string

ID returns the GPG ID format

func (Identity) String

func (i Identity) String() string

String implement fmt.Stringer. This method resembles the output gpg uses for user-ids

type Key

type Key struct {
	KeyType        string
	KeyLength      int
	Validity       string
	CreationDate   time.Time
	ExpirationDate time.Time
	Ownertrust     string
	Fingerprint    string
	Identities     map[string]Identity
	SubKeys        map[string]struct{}

Key is a GPG key (public or secret)

func (Key) ID

func (k Key) ID() string

ID returns the short fingerprint

func (Key) Identity

func (k Key) Identity() Identity

Identity returns the first identity

func (Key) IsUseable

func (k Key) IsUseable() bool

IsUseable returns true if GPG would assume this key is useable for encryption

func (Key) OneLine

func (k Key) OneLine() string

OneLine prints a terse representation of this key on one line (includes only the first identity!)

func (Key) String

func (k Key) String() string

String implement fmt.Stringer. This method produces output that is close to, but not exactly the same, as the output form GPG itself

type KeyList

type KeyList []Key

KeyList is a searchable slice of Keys

func (KeyList) FindKey

func (kl KeyList) FindKey(id string) (Key, error)

FindKey will try to find the requested key

func (KeyList) Len

func (kl KeyList) Len() int

func (KeyList) Less

func (kl KeyList) Less(i, j int) bool

func (KeyList) Recipients

func (kl KeyList) Recipients() []string

Recipients returns the KeyList formatted as a recipient list

func (KeyList) Swap

func (kl KeyList) Swap(i, j int)

func (KeyList) UnusableKeys

func (kl KeyList) UnusableKeys() KeyList

UnusableKeys returns the list of unusable keys (invalid keys)

func (KeyList) UseableKeys

func (kl KeyList) UseableKeys() KeyList

UseableKeys returns the list of useable (valid keys)

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