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type File

type File struct {
	Name     string
	Metadata map[string]string

    File is a leaf node in the tree

    func (File) String

    func (f File) String() string

      String implement fmt.Stringer

      type Folder

      type Folder struct {
      	Name    string // Name is the displayed name of this folder
      	Path    string // Path is only used for mounts, it's the on-disk path
      	Root    bool   // Root is used for the root node to remove any prefix
      	HasTpl  bool
      	Folders map[string]*Folder // the sub-entries, prevents having files and folder w/ same name
      	Files   map[string]*File

        Folder is intermediate tree node

        func New

        func New(name string) *Folder

          New create a new root folder

          func (*Folder) AddFile

          func (f *Folder) AddFile(name string, contentType string) error

            AddFile adds a new file

            func (*Folder) AddMount

            func (f *Folder) AddMount(name, path string) error

              AddMount adds a new mount

              func (*Folder) AddTemplate

              func (f *Folder) AddTemplate(name string) error

                AddTemplate adds a new template

                func (*Folder) FindFolder

                func (f *Folder) FindFolder(name string) (tree.Tree, error)

                  FindFolder returns a sub-tree or nil, if the subtree does not exist

                  func (*Folder) Format

                  func (f *Folder) Format(maxDepth int) string

                    Format returns a pretty printed tree

                    func (*Folder) IsMount

                    func (f *Folder) IsMount() bool

                      IsMount returns true if the path is non-empty

                      func (*Folder) Len

                      func (f *Folder) Len() int

                        Len returns the number of entries in this folder and all subfolder including this folder itself

                        func (*Folder) List

                        func (f *Folder) List(maxDepth int) []string

                          List returns a flattened list of all sub nodes

                          func (*Folder) ListFolders

                          func (f *Folder) ListFolders(maxDepth int) []string

                            ListFolders returns a flattened list of all nodes without leaf

                            func (*Folder) SetName

                            func (f *Folder) SetName(name string)

                              SetName sets the name of this folder

                              func (*Folder) SetRoot

                              func (f *Folder) SetRoot(on bool)

                                SetRoot sets the root flag of this folder

                                func (*Folder) String

                                func (f *Folder) String() string

                                  String implement fmt.Stringer