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const TaskStatusDown = "down"
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const TaskStatusError = "error"
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const TaskStatusRunning = "running"


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var GlobalDB *gorm.DB


func AddPlugin

func AddPlugin(plugin Plugin) bool

func AddResult

func AddResult(result Result) bool

func AddTask

func AddTask(task *Task) bool

func AddVulnerability

func AddVulnerability(vul Vulnerability) bool

func AddWebapp

func AddWebapp(app Webapp) bool

func DeletePlugin

func DeletePlugin(id int) bool

func DeleteResult

func DeleteResult(id int) bool

func DeleteTask

func DeleteTask(id int) bool

func DeleteVulnerability

func DeleteVulnerability(id int) bool

func DeleteWebapp

func DeleteWebapp(id int) bool

func DownTask

func DownTask(id int) bool

func EditPlugin

func EditPlugin(id int, plugin Plugin) bool

func EditVulnerability

func EditVulnerability(id int, vul Vulnerability) bool

func EditWebapp

func EditWebapp(id int, app Webapp) bool

func ErrorTask

func ErrorTask(id int) bool

func ExistPluginByID

func ExistPluginByID(id int) bool

func ExistPluginByVulId

func ExistPluginByVulId(vul_id string) bool

func ExistResultByID

func ExistResultByID(id int) bool

func ExistTaskByID

func ExistTaskByID(id int) bool

func ExistVulnerabilityByID

func ExistVulnerabilityByID(id int) bool

func ExistVulnerabilityByNameZh

func ExistVulnerabilityByNameZh(name_zh string) bool

func ExistWebappById

func ExistWebappById(id int) bool

func ExistWebappByName

func ExistWebappByName(name string) bool

func GenPluginVulId

func GenPluginVulId() (string, error)

func GetPluginsTotal

func GetPluginsTotal(field *PluginSearchField) (total int64)

func GetResultTotal

func GetResultTotal(field *ResultSearchField) (total int64)

func GetTaskTotal

func GetTaskTotal(field *TaskSearchField) (total int64)

func GetVulnerabilitiesTotal

func GetVulnerabilitiesTotal(field *VulnerabilitySearchField) (total int64)

func GetWebappsTotal

func GetWebappsTotal(field *WebappSearchField) (total int64)

func ResetPassword

func ResetPassword(id int, newpassword string)


func Setup

func Setup()


type Auth

type Auth struct {
	Id       int    `gorm:"primary_key" json:"id"`
	Username string `json:"username"`
	Password string `json:"password"`

func CheckAuth

func CheckAuth(username, password string) (bool, *Auth)

CheckAuth checks if authentication information exists

type Plugin

type Plugin struct {
	Id            int            `gorm:"primary_key" json:"id"`
	VulId         string         `gorm:"column:vul_id" json:"vul_id"`
	Affects       string         `gorm:"column:affects" json:"affects" binding:"required"`
	JsonPoc       datatypes.JSON `gorm:"column:json_poc" json:"json_poc"`
	Enable        bool           `gorm:"column:enable" json:"enable"`
	Desc          int            `gorm:"column:description" json:"description"`
	Vulnerability *Vulnerability `gorm:"foreignkey:Desc"`

func GetPlugin

func GetPlugin(id int) (plugin Plugin)

func GetPlugins

func GetPlugins(page int, pageSize int, field *PluginSearchField) (plugins []Plugin)

type PluginSearchField

type PluginSearchField struct {
	Search       string
	EnableField  int `binding:"oneof=0 1"`
	AffectsField string

type Result

type Result struct {
	Id         int            `gorm:"primary_key" json:"id"`
	Vul        bool           `gorm:"column:vul" json:"vul"`
	Detail     datatypes.JSON `gorm:"column:detail" json:"detail"`
	PluginId   string         `gorm:"plugin_id" json:"plugin_id"`
	PluginName string         `gorm:"plugin_name" json:"plugin_name"`
	TaskId     int            `gorm:"task_id" json:"task_id"`

func GetResult

func GetResult(page int, pageSize int, field *ResultSearchField) (results []Result)

type ResultSearchField

type ResultSearchField struct {
	Search    string
	TaskField int
	VulField  int

type Task

type Task struct {
	Id       int      `gorm:"primary_key" json:"id"`
	Remarks  string   `gorm:"column:remarks" json:"remarks"`
	Target   string   `gorm:"type:longtext" json:"target"`
	Operator string   `gorm:"type:string" json:"operator"`
	Status   string   `gorm:"type:string" json:"status"`
	Results  []Result `gorm:"foreignKey:TaskId;constraint:OnUpdate:CASCADE,OnDelete:CASCADE;" json:"results"`

func GetTask

func GetTask(page int, pageSize int, field *TaskSearchField) (tasks []Task)

type TaskSearchField

type TaskSearchField struct {
	Search string

type Vulnerability

type Vulnerability struct {
	Id            int     `gorm:"primary_key" json:"id"`
	NameZh        string  `gorm:"column:name_zh" json:"name_zh" binding:"required"`
	Cve           string  `gorm:"column:cve" json:"cve"`
	Cnnvd         string  `gorm:"column:cnnvd" json:"cnnvd"`
	Severity      string  `gorm:"column:severity" json:"severity"`
	Category      string  `gorm:"column:category" json:"category"`
	Description   string  `gorm:"type:longtext" json:"description"`
	Suggestion    string  `gorm:"type:longtext" json:"suggestion"`
	Language      string  `gorm:"column:language" json:"language"`
	Webapp        int     `gorm:"column:webapp" json:"webapp"`
	ForeignWebapp *Webapp `gorm:"foreignKey:Webapp"`

func GetVulnerabilities

func GetVulnerabilities(page int, pageSize int, field *VulnerabilitySearchField) (vuls []Vulnerability)

func GetVulnerability

func GetVulnerability(id int) (vul Vulnerability)

type VulnerabilitySearchField

type VulnerabilitySearchField struct {
	Search        string
	CategoryField string
	WebappField   int

type Webapp

type Webapp struct {
	Id       int    `gorm:"primary_key" json:"id"`
	Name     string `gorm:"column:name" json:"name" binding:"required"`
	Provider string `gorm:"column:provider" json:"provider"`
	Remarks  string `gorm:"column:remarks" json:"remarks"`

func GetWebapp

func GetWebapp(id int) (app Webapp)

func GetWebapps

func GetWebapps(page int, pageSize int, field *WebappSearchField) (apps []Webapp)

type WebappSearchField

type WebappSearchField struct {
	Search string

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