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var ErrAlreadyExists = fmt.Errorf("blob already exists in the target location")

    ErrAlreadyExists may be returned by the blob Create function to indicate that the blob already exists.


    func Greedy

    func Greedy(plan *plan) *workPlan

      Greedy turns a plan into parallizable work by taking one repo at a time. It guarantees that no two phases in the plan attempt to upload the same blob at the same time. In the worst case each phase has one unit of work.

      func NewCmdMirrorImage

      func NewCmdMirrorImage(name string, streams genericclioptions.IOStreams) *cobra.Command

        NewCommandMirrorImage copies images from one location to another.

        func WithDescriptor

          WithDescriptor returns a BlobCreateOption which provides the expected blob metadata.


          type DestinationType

          type DestinationType string
          var (
          	DestinationRegistry DestinationType = "docker"
          	DestinationS3       DestinationType = "s3"

          type Mapping

          type Mapping struct {
          	Source      reference.DockerImageReference
          	Destination reference.DockerImageReference
          	Type        DestinationType

          type MirrorImageOptions

          type MirrorImageOptions struct {
          	Mappings []Mapping
          	FilterOptions imagemanifest.FilterOptions
          	DryRun             bool
          	Insecure           bool
          	SkipMount          bool
          	SkipMultipleScopes bool
          	Force              bool
          	MaxRegistry    int
          	MaxPerRegistry int
          	AttemptS3BucketCopy []string
          	Filenames []string

          func NewMirrorImageOptions

          func NewMirrorImageOptions(streams genericclioptions.IOStreams) *MirrorImageOptions

          func (*MirrorImageOptions) Complete

          func (o *MirrorImageOptions) Complete(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) error

          func (*MirrorImageOptions) Run

          func (o *MirrorImageOptions) Run() error