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const (
	AggregatedLoggingName = "AggregatedLogging"


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type AggregatedLogging

type AggregatedLogging struct {
	Project           string
	OAuthClientClient oauthtypedclient.OAuthClientsGetter
	ProjectClient     projecttypedclient.ProjectsGetter
	RouteClient       routetypedclient.RoutesGetter
	CRBClient         rbacclient.ClusterRoleBindingsGetter
	DCClient          appstypedclient.DeploymentConfigsGetter
	SCCClient         securitytypedclient.SecurityContextConstraintsGetter
	KubeClient        kclientset.Interface
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AggregatedLogging is a Diagnostic to check the configurations and general integration of the OpenShift stack for aggregating container logs

func NewAggregatedLogging

NewAggregatedLogging returns the AggregatedLogging Diagnostic

func (*AggregatedLogging) AvailableParameters

func (d *AggregatedLogging) AvailableParameters() []types.Parameter

func (*AggregatedLogging) CanRun

func (d *AggregatedLogging) CanRun() (bool, error)

func (*AggregatedLogging) Check

func (*AggregatedLogging) Complete

func (d *AggregatedLogging) Complete(logger *log.Logger) error

func (*AggregatedLogging) Debug

func (d *AggregatedLogging) Debug(id string, message string)

func (*AggregatedLogging) Description

func (d *AggregatedLogging) Description() string

func (*AggregatedLogging) Error

func (d *AggregatedLogging) Error(id string, err error, message string)

func (*AggregatedLogging) Info

func (d *AggregatedLogging) Info(id string, message string)

func (*AggregatedLogging) Name

func (d *AggregatedLogging) Name() string

func (*AggregatedLogging) Requirements

func (d *AggregatedLogging) Requirements() (client bool, host bool)

func (*AggregatedLogging) Warn

func (d *AggregatedLogging) Warn(id string, err error, message string)

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