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func NewCmdRegistry

func NewCmdRegistry(f kcmdutil.Factory, parentName, name string, streams genericclioptions.IOStreams) *cobra.Command

NewCmdRegistry implements the OpenShift cli registry command


type RegistryConfig

type RegistryConfig struct {
	Action configcmd.BulkAction

	Name           string
	Type           string
	ImageTemplate  variable.ImageTemplate
	Ports          string
	Replicas       int32
	Labels         string
	Volume         string
	HostMount      string
	DryRun         bool
	Selector       string
	ServiceAccount string
	DaemonSet      bool
	EnforceQuota   bool

	// SupplementalGroups is list of int64, however cobra does not have appropriate func
	// for that type list.
	SupplementalGroups []string
	FSGroup            string

	ServingCertPath string
	ServingKeyPath  string

	ClusterIP string

	Local bool

RegistryConfig contains configuration for the registry that will be created.

type RegistryOptions

type RegistryOptions struct {
	Config *RegistryConfig
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RegistryOptions contains the configuration for the registry as well as any other helpers required to run the command.

func (*RegistryOptions) Complete

func (opts *RegistryOptions) Complete(f kcmdutil.Factory, cmd *cobra.Command, out, errout io.Writer, args []string) error

Complete completes any options that are required by validate or run steps.

func (*RegistryOptions) RunCmdRegistry

func (opts *RegistryOptions) RunCmdRegistry() error

RunCmdRegistry contains all the necessary functionality for the OpenShift cli registry command

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