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func GeneratePassword

func GeneratePassword(userPassword string) ([]byte, error)

GeneratePassword will generate a hashed password for us based on the user's input.

func ValidatePassword

func ValidatePassword(userPassword string, hashed []byte) (bool, error)

ValidatePassword will check if passwords are matched.


type User

type User struct {
	ID             int64     `json:"id" form:"id"`
	Firstname      string    `json:"firstname" form:"firstname"`
	Username       string    `json:"username" form:"username"`
	HashedPassword []byte    `json:"-" form:"-"`
	CreatedAt      time.Time `json:"created_at" form:"created_at"`

User is our User example model. Keep note that the tags for public-use (for our web app) should be kept in other file like "web/viewmodels/user.go" which could wrap by embedding the datamodels.User or define completely new fields instead but for the sake of the example, we will use this datamodel as the only one User model in our application.

func (User) IsValid

func (u User) IsValid() bool

IsValid can do some very very simple "low-level" data validations.

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