Package kaetzchen implements support for provider side auto-responder agents.

    Package kaetzchen implements support for provider side auto-responder agents.



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    const LoopCapability = "loop"

      LoopCapability is the standardized capability for the loop/discard service.

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      const ParameterEndpoint = "endpoint"

        ParameterEndpoint is the mandatory Parameter key indicationg the Kaetzchen's endpoint.


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        var BuiltInCtors = map[string]BuiltInCtorFn{
        	LoopCapability: NewLoop,
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          BuiltInCtors are the constructors for all built-in Kaetzchen.

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          var ErrNoResponse = errors.New("kaetzchen: message has no response")

            ErrNoResponse is the error returned from OnMessage() when there is no response to be sent (rather than an empty response).


            This section is empty.


            type BuiltInCtorFn

            type BuiltInCtorFn func(*config.Kaetzchen, glue.Glue) (Kaetzchen, error)

              BuiltInCtorFn is the constructor type for a built-in Kaetzchen.

              type CBORPluginWorker

              type CBORPluginWorker struct {
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                CBORPluginWorker is similar to Kaetzchen worker but uses CBOR over HTTP over UNIX domain socket to talk to plugins.

                func NewCBORPluginWorker

                func NewCBORPluginWorker(glue glue.Glue) (*CBORPluginWorker, error)

                  NewCBORPluginWorker returns a new CBORPluginWorker

                  func (*CBORPluginWorker) IsKaetzchen

                  func (k *CBORPluginWorker) IsKaetzchen(recipient [sConstants.RecipientIDLength]byte) bool

                    IsKaetzchen returns true if the given recipient is one of our workers.

                    func (*CBORPluginWorker) KaetzchenForPKI

                    func (k *CBORPluginWorker) KaetzchenForPKI() ServiceMap

                      KaetzchenForPKI returns the plugins Parameters map for publication in the PKI doc.

                      func (*CBORPluginWorker) OnKaetzchen

                      func (k *CBORPluginWorker) OnKaetzchen(pkt *packet.Packet)

                        OnKaetzchen enqueues the pkt for processing by our thread pool of plugins.

                        type Kaetzchen

                        type Kaetzchen interface {
                        	// Capability returns the agent's functionality for publication in
                        	// the Provider's descriptor.
                        	Capability() string
                        	// Parameters returns the agent's paramenters for publication in
                        	// the Provider's descriptor.
                        	Parameters() Parameters
                        	// OnRequest is the method that is called when the Provider receives
                        	// a request designed for a particular agent.  The caller will handle
                        	// extracting the payload component of the message.
                        	// Implementations MUST:
                        	//  * Be thread (go routine) safe.
                        	//  * Return ErrNoResponse if there is no response to be sent.  A nil
                        	//    byte slice and nil error will result in a response with a 0 byte
                        	//    payload being sent.
                        	//  * NOT assume payload will be valid past the call to OnMessage.
                        	//    Any contents that need to be preserved, MUST be copied out,
                        	//    except if it is only used as a part of the response body.
                        	OnRequest(id uint64, payload []byte, hasSURB bool) ([]byte, error)
                        	// Halt cleans up the agent prior to de-registration and teardown.

                          Kaetzchen is the interface implemented by each auto-responder agent.

                          func NewKeyserver

                          func NewKeyserver(cfg *config.Kaetzchen, glue glue.Glue) (Kaetzchen, error)

                            NewKeyserver constructs a new Keyserver Kaetzchen instance, providing the "keyserver" capability on the configured endpoint.

                            func NewLoop

                            func NewLoop(cfg *config.Kaetzchen, glue glue.Glue) (Kaetzchen, error)

                              NewLoop constructs a new Loop Kaetzchen instance, providing the "loop" capability, on the configured endpoint.

                              type KaetzchenWorker

                              type KaetzchenWorker struct {
                              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                              func New

                              func New(glue glue.Glue) (*KaetzchenWorker, error)

                              func (*KaetzchenWorker) IsKaetzchen

                              func (k *KaetzchenWorker) IsKaetzchen(recipient [sConstants.RecipientIDLength]byte) bool

                              func (*KaetzchenWorker) KaetzchenForPKI

                              func (k *KaetzchenWorker) KaetzchenForPKI() map[string]map[string]interface{}

                              func (*KaetzchenWorker) OnKaetzchen

                              func (k *KaetzchenWorker) OnKaetzchen(pkt *packet.Packet)

                              type Parameters

                              type Parameters map[string]interface{}

                                Parameters is the map describing each Kaetzchen's parameters to be published in the Provider's descriptor.

                                type PluginChans

                                  PluginChans maps from Recipient ID to channel.

                                  type PluginName

                                  type PluginName = string

                                    PluginName is the name of a plugin.

                                    type PluginParameters

                                    type PluginParameters = map[PluginName]interface{}

                                      PluginParameters maps from parameter key to value.

                                      type ServiceMap

                                      type ServiceMap = map[PluginName]PluginParameters

                                        ServiceMap maps from plugin name to plugin parameters and is used by Mix Descriptors which describe Providers with plugins. Each plugin can optionally set one or more parameters.