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Super Dope

Manage application configuration using Kubernetes secrets, configmaps, and Go templates.


Usage of konfd:
  -configmap value
    	the configmap to process.
  -namespace value
    	the namespace to process.
    	print processed configmaps and secrets and do not submit them to the cluster.
    	run one time and exit.
  -sync-interval duration
    	the time duration between template processing. (default 1m0s)
Create configmaps and secrets
kubectl create secret generic vault-secrets \
  --from-literal 'mysql_password=v@ulTi$d0p3'
kubectl create configmap vault-configs \
  --from-literal 'default_lease_ttl=768h' \
  --from-literal 'mysql_username=vault'
Create a template configmap
cat configmaps/vault-template.yaml
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: vault-template
    konfd.io/kind: configmap
    konfd.io/name: vault
    konfd.io/key:  server.hcl
    konfd.io/template: "true"
  template: |
    default_lease_ttl = {{configmap "vault-configs" "default_lease_ttl"}}
    backend "mysql" {
      username = "{{configmap "vault-configs" "mysql_username"}}"
      password = "{{secret "vault-secrets" "mysql_password"}}"
      tls_ca_file = "/etc/tls/mysql-ca.pem"

See the templates docs for more details.

Submit the vault-template configmap:

kubectl create -f configmaps/vault-template.yaml
Deploy the konfd replicaset
kubectl create -f replicasets/konfd.yaml

See the deployment guide for more details.

Review the results
kubectl get configmaps vault -o yaml
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: vault
  namespace: default
  server.hcl: |
    default_lease_ttl = 768h
    backend "mysql" {
      username = "vault"
      password = "v@ulTi$d0p3"
Testing with noop mode

konfd can be run outside of the Kubernetes cluster by running kubectl in proxy mode:

kubectl proxy

Process a single template in the default namespace:

konfd -onetime -noop -namespace default -configmap vault-template


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