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Published: May 8, 2017 | License: MIT | Module:


Package pca9685 allows interfacing with the pca9685 16-channel, 12-bit PWM Controller through I2C protocol.


type PCA9685

type PCA9685 struct {
	Bus  embd.I2CBus
	Addr byte
	Freq int
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PCA9685 represents a PCA9685 PWM generator.

func New

func New(bus embd.I2CBus, addr byte) *PCA9685

New creates a new PCA9685 interface.

func (*PCA9685) AnalogChannel

func (d *PCA9685) AnalogChannel(channel int) *pwmChannel

func (*PCA9685) Close

func (d *PCA9685) Close() error

Close stops the controller and resets mode and pwm controller registers.

func (*PCA9685) ServoChannel

func (d *PCA9685) ServoChannel(channel int) *pwmChannel

func (*PCA9685) SetPwm

func (d *PCA9685) SetPwm(channel, onTime, offTime int) error

SetPwm sets the ON and OFF time registers for pwm signal shaping. channel: 0-15 onTime/offTime: 0-4095

func (*PCA9685) Sleep

func (d *PCA9685) Sleep() error

Sleep puts the controller in sleep mode. Does not change the pwm control registers.

func (*PCA9685) Wake

func (d *PCA9685) Wake() error

Wake allows the controller to exit sleep mode and resume with PWM generation.

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