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Published: May 8, 2017 | License: MIT | Module:


Package bbb provides BeagleBone Black support. The following features are supported on Linux kernel 3.8+

GPIO (digital (rw), analog (ro), pwm) I²C LED



const (
	// PWMDefaultPolarity represents the default polarity (Positve or 1) for pwm.
	PWMDefaultPolarity = embd.Positive

	// PWMDefaultDuty represents the default duty (0ns) for pwm.
	PWMDefaultDuty = 0

	// PWMDefaultPeriod represents the default period (500000ns) for pwm. Equals 2000 Hz.
	PWMDefaultPeriod = 500000

	// PWMMaxPulseWidth represents the max period (1000000000ns) supported by pwm. Equals 1 Hz.
	PWMMaxPulseWidth = 1000000000
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