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Published: May 8, 2017 | License: MIT | Module:


Package generic provides generic (to Linux) drivers for functionalities like

Digital I/O I²C LED control

They are used by the hosts to satiate the HAL.



const (
	MaxGPIOInterrupt = 64


var ErrorPinAlreadyRegistered = errors.New("pin interrupt already registered")

func NewDigitalPin

func NewDigitalPin(pd *embd.PinDesc, drv embd.GPIODriver) embd.DigitalPin

func NewI2CBus

func NewI2CBus(l byte) embd.I2CBus

func NewLED

func NewLED(id string) embd.LED

func NewSPIBus

func NewSPIBus(spiDevMinor int, mode, channel byte, speed, bpw, delay int, i func() error) embd.SPIBus
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