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func GenerateIPNets

func GenerateIPNets(ipnets []IPNetRequest, seed int64) []net.IPNet

GenerateIPNets creates an array of random IPv4 net.IPNet objects. The ipnets parameter contains a list with th number of objects for each prefix length to generate.


type IPNetRequest

type IPNetRequest struct {
	Count     int // Number of elements of this type to generate
	PrefixLen int // Length of the prefix (24, 32)...

func ParseIPNetsParam

func ParseIPNetsParam(count int, ipnets string) []IPNetRequest

ParseIPNetsParam parses a string containinig a list of prefixes' lengths and their weight (0.0-1.0) and returns a list of IPNetRequest to be used with GenerateIPNets. The ipnets string is formated as "prefix1Length:prefix1Weigth,prefix2Length:prefix2Weigth,..." If the sum of all weights isn't 1.0 the remaining are assigned to the /32 prefix.

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