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var AlreadyFinalized = errors.MakeExternalError("group has already been finalized", "GROUP-STORE", nil, nil)
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var AlreadyInitialized = errors.MakeExternalError("group has already been initialized", "GROUP-STORE", nil, nil)
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var NotFound = errors.MakeExternalError("group not found", "GROUP-STORE", nil, nil)


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type Function

type Function interface {
	// Initialize a group
	Merge(group []Group) (Group, error)
	Initialize(group Group) error
	// Add an item to a given group
	Add(item *kodex.Item, group Group) error
	// Finalize a group and return the result
	Finalize(group Group) (interface{}, error)

type Group

type Group interface {
	Initialized() bool
	Initialize(state State) error
	State() State
	GroupByValues() map[string]interface{}
	Hash() []byte
	Expiration() int64
	Clone() (Group, error)

type GroupStore

type GroupStore interface {
	// Tear down the group store
	Teardown() error
	// Reset the entire state of the group store
	Reset() error
	// Get a shard from the store
	Shard() (Shard, error)
	// Expire groups in all shards based on an expiration index
	ExpireGroups(expiration int64) (map[string][]Group, error)
	// Expire all groups in all shards
	ExpireAllGroups() (map[string][]Group, error)

type Shard

type Shard interface {
	// A unique ID identifying the shard globally
	ID() interface{}
	// Synchronize the shard state with the backend
	Commit() error
	// Return the shard to the group store so that it can be reused
	Return() error
	// Create a group in the shard
	CreateGroup(hash []byte, groupByValues map[string]interface{}, expiration int64) (Group, error)
	// Return a group by its unique hash value
	GroupByHash(hash []byte) (Group, error)
	// Expire groups in the shard based on an expiration index
	ExpireGroups(expiration int64) ([]Group, error)
	// Expire all groups in the shard
	ExpireAllGroups() ([]Group, error)

type State

type State interface {
	Serialize() ([]byte, error)
	Deserialize([]byte) error
	Clone() (State, error)


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