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Package cache provides an abstraction for data caching



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type Cache

type Cache interface {
	Set(string, interface{}) error
	Get(string, interface{}) (bool, error)

Cache is an interface for a Get/Set caching struct

type FS

type FS interface {
	Mkdir(path string, perms os.FileMode) error
	WriteFile(path string, data []byte, perms os.FileMode) error
	ReadFile(path string) ([]byte, error)

FS is an interface for interacting with the file system

type FSCache

type FSCache struct {
	CachePath string
	FS        FS

FSCache is an implementation of file-system cache using the FS interface

func (FSCache) Get

func (c FSCache) Get(key string, x interface{}) (bool, error)

Get gets the contents of the file (if exists) using `key` and Unmarshals it to the struct `x`

func (FSCache) Set

func (c FSCache) Set(key string, x interface{}) error

Set converts `x` to JSON and writes it to a file using `key`

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