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func RunCmdOut

func RunCmdOut(name string, arg ...string) (string, error)

RunCmdOut runs a comand and returns the commands output, or an error


type CodePager

type CodePager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CodePager helps with writing Go source files.

func NewCodePager

func NewCodePager() *CodePager

func NewCodePagerNoComment

func NewCodePagerNoComment() *CodePager

func (*CodePager) AP

func (this *CodePager) AP(name, code string)

func (*CodePager) APU

func (this *CodePager) APU(name, code string)

func (*CodePager) APUf

func (this *CodePager) APUf(name, format string, args ...interface{})

func (*CodePager) APf

func (this *CodePager) APf(name, format string, args ...interface{})

func (*CodePager) AddPointer

func (this *CodePager) AddPointer(name string)

func (*CodePager) AllPoints

func (this *CodePager) AllPoints() []string

func (*CodePager) Append

func (this *CodePager) Append(name, code string)

func (*CodePager) AppendUnique

func (this *CodePager) AppendUnique(name, code string)

func (*CodePager) Appendf

func (this *CodePager) Appendf(name, fmts string, args ...interface{})

func (*CodePager) Appendv

func (this *CodePager) Appendv(name string, args ...interface{})

func (*CodePager) ExportAll

func (this *CodePager) ExportAll() string

func (*CodePager) ExportCode

func (this *CodePager) ExportCode(names []string) string


func (*CodePager) GetPoint

func (this *CodePager) GetPoint(name string) string

func (*CodePager) HasPointer

func (this *CodePager) HasPointer(name string) bool

func (*CodePager) PP

func (this *CodePager) PP(name, code string)

func (*CodePager) PPU

func (this *CodePager) PPU(name, code string)

func (*CodePager) PPUf

func (this *CodePager) PPUf(name, format string, args ...interface{})

func (*CodePager) PPf

func (this *CodePager) PPf(name, format string, args ...interface{})

func (*CodePager) Prepend

func (this *CodePager) Prepend(name, code string)

func (*CodePager) PrependUnique

func (this *CodePager) PrependUnique(name, code string)

func (*CodePager) RemoveLine

func (this *CodePager) RemoveLine(name, code string)


func (*CodePager) RemovePoint

func (this *CodePager) RemovePoint(name string)

func (*CodePager) Reset

func (this *CodePager) Reset()

func (*CodePager) TotolLength

func (this *CodePager) TotolLength() int

func (*CodePager) TotolLine

func (this *CodePager) TotolLine() int

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