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type Cmd

type Cmd struct {
	// Command is the command to run remotely. This is executed as if
	// it were a shell command, so you are expected to do any shell escaping
	// necessary.
	Command string

	// Stdin specifies the process's standard input. If Stdin is
	// nil, the process reads from an empty bytes.Buffer.
	Stdin io.Reader

	// Stdout and Stderr represent the process's standard output and
	// error.
	// If either is nil, it will be set to ioutil.Discard.
	Stdout io.Writer
	Stderr io.Writer

	// This will be set to true when the remote command has exited. It
	// shouldn't be set manually by the user, but there is no harm in
	// doing so.
	Exited bool

	// Once Exited is true, this will contain the exit code of the process.
	ExitStatus int

	// This thing is a mutex, lock when making modifications concurrently
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Cmd represents a remote command being prepared or run.

func (*Cmd) SetExited

func (r *Cmd) SetExited(status int)

SetExited is a helper for setting that this process is exited. This should be called by communicators who are running a remote command in order to set that the command is done.

func (*Cmd) Wait

func (r *Cmd) Wait()

Wait waits for the remote command to complete.

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