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const UnknownName = "unknown"


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type OrgQuota

type OrgQuota struct {
	//Guid                    string `json:"guid"`
	Name                    string `json:"name"`
	NonBasicServicesAllowed bool   `json:"non_basic_services_allowed"`
	TotalServices           int    `json:"total_services"`
	TotalRoutes             int    `json:"total_routes"`
	TotalPrivateDomains     int    `json:"total_private_domains"`
	MemoryLimit             int    `json:"memory_limit"`
	TrialDbAllowed          bool   `json:"trial_db_allowed"`
	InstanceMemoryLimit     int    `json:"instance_memory_limit"`
	AppInstanceLimit        int    `json:"app_instance_limit"`

type OrgQuotaMetadata

type OrgQuotaMetadata struct {

func NewOrgQuotaMetadata

func NewOrgQuotaMetadata(orgQuota OrgQuota) *OrgQuotaMetadata

func NewOrgQuotaMetadataById

func NewOrgQuotaMetadataById(id string) *OrgQuotaMetadata

type OrgQuotaMetadataManager

type OrgQuotaMetadataManager struct {

func NewOrgQuotaMetadataManager

func NewOrgQuotaMetadataManager(mdGlobalManager common.MdGlobalManagerInterface) *OrgQuotaMetadataManager

func (*OrgQuotaMetadataManager) CreateMetadataEntityObject added in v0.9.0

func (mdMgr *OrgQuotaMetadataManager) CreateMetadataEntityObject(guid string) common.IMetadata

func (*OrgQuotaMetadataManager) CreateResourceObject added in v0.9.0

func (mdMgr *OrgQuotaMetadataManager) CreateResourceObject() common.IResource

func (*OrgQuotaMetadataManager) CreateResponseObject added in v0.9.0

func (mdMgr *OrgQuotaMetadataManager) CreateResponseObject() common.IResponse

func (*OrgQuotaMetadataManager) FindItem added in v0.9.0

func (mdMgr *OrgQuotaMetadataManager) FindItem(guid string) *OrgQuotaMetadata

func (*OrgQuotaMetadataManager) NewItemById added in v0.9.0

func (mdMgr *OrgQuotaMetadataManager) NewItemById(guid string) common.IMetadata

func (*OrgQuotaMetadataManager) ProcessResource added in v0.9.0

func (mdMgr *OrgQuotaMetadataManager) ProcessResource(resource common.IResource) common.IMetadata

func (*OrgQuotaMetadataManager) ProcessResponse added in v0.9.0

func (mdMgr *OrgQuotaMetadataManager) ProcessResponse(response common.IResponse, metadataArray []common.IMetadata) []common.IMetadata

type OrgQuotaResource

type OrgQuotaResource struct {
	Meta   common.Meta `json:"metadata"`
	Entity OrgQuota    `json:"entity"`

type OrgQuotaResponse

type OrgQuotaResponse struct {
	Count     int                `json:"total_results"`
	Pages     int                `json:"total_pages"`
	Resources []OrgQuotaResource `json:"resources"`

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