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const (
	APIHost string = "https://api.bitflyer.jp"


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type API

type API struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewAPI

func NewAPI(c *Client, apiPath string) *API

func (*API) BaseURL

func (api *API) BaseURL() (*url.URL, error)

type Client

type Client struct {
	Host string

	AuthConfig *auth.AuthConfig

func NewClient

func NewClient(opts *ClientOpts) *Client

func (*Client) APIHost

func (c *Client) APIHost() string

func (*Client) Addresses

func (c *Client) Addresses(req *addresses.Request) (*addresses.Response, error)

func (*Client) Balance

func (c *Client) Balance(req *balance.Request) (*balance.Response, error)

func (*Client) BankAccounts

func (c *Client) BankAccounts(req *bankaccounts.Request) (*bankaccounts.Response, error)

func (*Client) Board

func (c *Client) Board(req *board.Request) (*board.Response, error)

func (*Client) Chats

func (c *Client) Chats(req *chats.Request) (*chats.Response, error)

func (*Client) Coinins

func (c *Client) Coinins(req *coinins.Request) (*coinins.Response, error)

func (*Client) Coinouts

func (c *Client) Coinouts(req *coinouts.Request) (*coinouts.Response, error)

func (*Client) Collateral

func (c *Client) Collateral(req *collateral.Request) (*collateral.Response, error)

func (*Client) CollateralAccounts

func (c *Client) CollateralAccounts(req *collateralaccounts.Request) (*collateralaccounts.Response, error)

func (*Client) Executions

func (c *Client) Executions(req *executions.Request) (*executions.Response, error)

func (*Client) Health

func (c *Client) Health(req *health.Request) (*health.Response, error)

func (*Client) Markets

func (c *Client) Markets(req *markets.Request) (*markets.Response, error)

func (*Client) Permissions

func (c *Client) Permissions(req *permissions.Request) (*permissions.Response, error)

func (*Client) Ticker

func (c *Client) Ticker(req *ticker.Request) (*ticker.Response, error)

type ClientOpts

type ClientOpts struct {
	AuthConfig *auth.AuthConfig

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