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func BooleanValue

func BooleanValue(value reflect.Value, defaultValue bool) bool

func EachObject

func EachObject(object reflect.Value, fn func(key reflect.Value, value reflect.Value) bool)

func FloatValue

func FloatValue(value reflect.Value, defaultValue float64) float64

func Get

func Get(object reflect.Value, key string) reflect.Value

func GetWithKeys

func GetWithKeys(object reflect.Value, keys []string) reflect.Value

func IntValue

func IntValue(value reflect.Value, defaultValue int64) int64

func Set

func Set(object reflect.Value, key string, value reflect.Value)

func SetValue

func SetValue(object reflect.Value, value reflect.Value)

func SetWithKeyIndex

func SetWithKeyIndex(object reflect.Value, keys []string, i int, value reflect.Value)

func SetWithKeys

func SetWithKeys(object reflect.Value, keys []string, value reflect.Value)

func StringValue

func StringValue(value reflect.Value, defaultValue string) string

func UintValue

func UintValue(value reflect.Value, defaultValue uint64) uint64


type IGetter

type IGetter interface {
	GetValue(key string) reflect.Value

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