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type Prque

type Prque struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Priority queue data structure.

func New

func New() *Prque

New creates a new priority queue.

func (*Prque) Empty

func (p *Prque) Empty() bool

Checks whether the priority queue is empty.

func (*Prque) Peek

func (p *Prque) Peek() (interface{}, int64)

Peek returns the value with the greatest priority but does not pop it off.

func (*Prque) Pop

func (p *Prque) Pop() (interface{}, int64)

Pops the value with the greates priority off the stack and returns it. Currently no shrinking is done.

func (*Prque) PopItem

func (p *Prque) PopItem() interface{}

Pops only the item from the queue, dropping the associated priority value.

func (*Prque) Push

func (p *Prque) Push(data interface{}, priority int64)

Pushes a value with a given priority into the queue, expanding if necessary.

func (*Prque) Reset

func (p *Prque) Reset()

Clears the contents of the priority queue.

func (*Prque) Size

func (p *Prque) Size() int

Returns the number of element in the priority queue.

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