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Published: Oct 19, 2021 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 14 Imported by: 2



Package bridgepool implements a pool of transactions generated by RemoteBackend.

Source files

Each file provides the following features.

- bridge_tx_journal.go : logs transactions generated by SubBridge to allow non-executed ones to survive node restarts.
- bridge_tx_pool.go : contains transactions generated by SendTransaction function of RemoteBackend.
- sorted_map_list.go : implements a nonce-sorted item maps.



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const (
	UnlimitedItemSortedMap = -1

ItemSortedMap is a nonce->item map with a heap based index to allow iterating over the contents in a nonce-incrementing way.


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var (
	ErrKnownTx           = errors.New("Known Transaction")
	ErrUnknownTx         = errors.New("Unknown Transaction")
	ErrDuplicatedNonceTx = errors.New("Duplicated Nonce Transaction")
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var DefaultBridgeTxPoolConfig = BridgeTxPoolConfig{
	ParentChainID: big.NewInt(2018),
	Journal:       "bridge_transactions.rlp",
	Rejournal:     10 * time.Minute,
	GlobalQueue:   8192,

DefaultBridgeTxPoolConfig contains the default configurations for the transaction pool.

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var (
	ErrSizeLimit = errors.New("sorted map size limit")


This section is empty.


type BridgeTxPool

type BridgeTxPool struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

BridgeTxPool contains all currently known chain transactions.

func NewBridgeTxPool

func NewBridgeTxPool(config BridgeTxPoolConfig) *BridgeTxPool

NewBridgeTxPool creates a new transaction pool to gather, sort and filter inbound transactions from the network.

func (*BridgeTxPool) AddLocal

func (pool *BridgeTxPool) AddLocal(tx *types.Transaction) error

AddLocal enqueues a single transaction into the pool if it is valid, marking the sender as a local one.

func (*BridgeTxPool) AddLocals

func (pool *BridgeTxPool) AddLocals(txs []*types.Transaction) []error

AddLocals enqueues a batch of transactions into the pool if they are valid, marking the senders as a local ones.

func (*BridgeTxPool) Content

func (pool *BridgeTxPool) Content() map[common.Address]types.Transactions

Content retrieves the data content of the transaction pool, returning all the queued transactions, grouped by account and sorted by nonce.

func (*BridgeTxPool) Get

func (pool *BridgeTxPool) Get(hash common.Hash) *types.Transaction

Get returns a transaction if it is contained in the pool and nil otherwise.

func (*BridgeTxPool) GetMaxTxNonce

func (pool *BridgeTxPool) GetMaxTxNonce(from *common.Address) uint64

GetMaxTxNonce finds max nonce of the address.

func (*BridgeTxPool) GetTx

func (pool *BridgeTxPool) GetTx(txHash common.Hash) (*types.Transaction, error)

GetTx get the tx by tx hash.

func (*BridgeTxPool) Pending

func (pool *BridgeTxPool) Pending() map[common.Address]types.Transactions

Pending returns all pending transactions by calling internal pending method.

func (*BridgeTxPool) PendingTxHashesByAddress

func (pool *BridgeTxPool) PendingTxHashesByAddress(from *common.Address, limit int) []common.Hash

PendingTxHashesByAddress retrieves pending transaction hashes of from. They are sorted by nonce.

func (*BridgeTxPool) PendingTxsByAddress

func (pool *BridgeTxPool) PendingTxsByAddress(from *common.Address, limit int) types.Transactions

PendingTxsByAddress retrieves pending transactions of from. They are sorted by nonce.

func (*BridgeTxPool) Remove

func (pool *BridgeTxPool) Remove(txs types.Transactions) []error

Remove removes transactions from the queue.

func (*BridgeTxPool) RemoveTx

func (pool *BridgeTxPool) RemoveTx(tx *types.Transaction) error

RemoveTx removes a single transaction from the queue.

func (*BridgeTxPool) SetEIP155Signer

func (pool *BridgeTxPool) SetEIP155Signer(chainID *big.Int)

SetEIP155Signer set signer of txpool.

func (*BridgeTxPool) Stats

func (pool *BridgeTxPool) Stats() int

Stats retrieves the current pool stats, namely the number of pending transactions.

func (*BridgeTxPool) Stop

func (pool *BridgeTxPool) Stop()

Stop terminates the transaction pool.

type BridgeTxPoolConfig

type BridgeTxPoolConfig struct {
	ParentChainID *big.Int
	Journal       string        // Journal of local transactions to survive node restarts
	Rejournal     time.Duration // Time interval to regenerate the local transaction journal

	GlobalQueue uint64 // Maximum number of non-executable transaction slots for all accounts

BridgeTxPoolConfig are the configuration parameters of the transaction pool.

type DevNull

type DevNull struct{}

DevNull is a WriteCloser that just discards anything written into it. Its goal is to allow the transaction journal to write into a fake journal when loading transactions on startup without printing warnings due to no file being readt for write.

func (*DevNull) Close

func (*DevNull) Close() error

func (*DevNull) Write

func (*DevNull) Write(p []byte) (n int, err error)

type ItemSortedMap

type ItemSortedMap struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewItemSortedMap

func NewItemSortedMap(size int) *ItemSortedMap

NewItemSortedMap creates a new nonce-sorted item map.

func (*ItemSortedMap) Exist added in v1.2.0

func (m *ItemSortedMap) Exist(nonce uint64) bool

Exist returns if the nonce exist.

func (*ItemSortedMap) Filter

func (m *ItemSortedMap) Filter(filter func(interface{}) bool) items

Filter iterates over the list of items and removes all of them for which the specified function evaluates to true.

func (*ItemSortedMap) Flatten

func (m *ItemSortedMap) Flatten() items

Flatten returns a nonce-sorted slice of items based on the loosely sorted internal representation. The result of the sorting is cached in case it's requested again before any modifications are made to the contents.

func (*ItemSortedMap) FlattenByCount

func (m *ItemSortedMap) FlattenByCount(count int) items

FlattenByCount returns requested number of nonce-sorted slice of cached items. The result of the sorting is cached like as Flatten method.

func (*ItemSortedMap) Forward added in v1.3.0

func (m *ItemSortedMap) Forward(threshold uint64) items

Forward removes all items from the map with a nonce lower than the provided threshold. Every removed transaction is returned for any post-removal maintenance.

func (*ItemSortedMap) Get

func (m *ItemSortedMap) Get(nonce uint64) itemWithNonce

Get retrieves the current items associated with the given nonce.

func (*ItemSortedMap) Len

func (m *ItemSortedMap) Len() int

Len returns the length of the map.

func (*ItemSortedMap) Pop added in v1.2.0

func (m *ItemSortedMap) Pop(count int) items

Pop removes given count number of minimum nonce items from the map. Every removed items is returned for any post-removal maintenance.

func (*ItemSortedMap) Put

func (m *ItemSortedMap) Put(event itemWithNonce) error

Put inserts a new item into the map, also updating the map's nonce index. If a item already exists with the same nonce, it's overwritten.

func (*ItemSortedMap) Ready

func (m *ItemSortedMap) Ready(start uint64) items

Ready retrieves a sequentially increasing list of events starting at the provided nonce that is ready for processing. The returned events will be removed from the list.

Note, all events with nonces lower than start will also be returned to prevent getting into and invalid state. This is not something that should ever happen but better to be self correcting than failing!

func (*ItemSortedMap) Remove

func (m *ItemSortedMap) Remove(nonce uint64) bool

Remove deletes a item from the maintained map, returning whether the item was found.

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