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Docker Swarm comes with a simple discovery service built into the Docker Hub

The discovery service is still in alpha stage and currently hosted at

#####Create a new cluster -> POST

<- <token>

#####Add new nodes to a cluster -> POST<token> (data="<ip:port1>")

<- OK

-> POST<token> (data="<ip:port2>")

<- OK

#####List nodes in a cluster -> GET<token>

<- ["<ip:port1>", "<ip:port2>"]

#####Delete a cluster (all the nodes in a cluster) -> DELETE<token>

<- OK




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const DiscoveryURL = ""

DiscoveryUrl is exported


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type TokenDiscoveryService

type TokenDiscoveryService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TokenDiscoveryService is exported

func (*TokenDiscoveryService) CreateCluster

func (s *TokenDiscoveryService) CreateCluster() (string, error)

CreateCluster returns a unique cluster token

func (*TokenDiscoveryService) Fetch

func (s *TokenDiscoveryService) Fetch() ([]*discovery.Entry, error)

Fetch returns the list of entries for the discovery service at the specified endpoint

func (*TokenDiscoveryService) Initialize

func (s *TokenDiscoveryService) Initialize(urltoken string, heartbeat int) error

Initialize is exported

func (*TokenDiscoveryService) Register

func (s *TokenDiscoveryService) Register(addr string) error

Register adds a new entry identified by the into the discovery service

func (*TokenDiscoveryService) Watch

func (s *TokenDiscoveryService) Watch(callback discovery.WatchCallback)

Watch is exported

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