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func ChooseSection added in v0.1.3

func ChooseSection(secs []core.Section, initMessage, choiceMessage string) (core.Section, bool)

Enters interactive mode to select among a choice of sections. The boolean returned is whether the user quit the interactive mode or not.

func CleanStderrMsg added in v0.0.2

func CleanStderrMsg(stderr string) (string, string)

Tectonic, TeX and even Pandoc produce A LOT of noise. This function runs through each line of stderr and allows me to filter away lines I don't want. It also splits them into errors and warnings, allowing me to separate them and style them.

func CloseDo added in v0.0.2

func CloseDo(done chan struct{})

func Debug

func Debug(text string)

func Do

func Do(doingText string, done chan struct{})

func Error

func Error(text string)

func Info

func Info(text string)

func Style

func Style(text string, styles ...string) string

style takes the inputted text and styles it according to the ANSI escape codes listed below. I should perhaps check for non-ANSI systems, but fuck that for now...

func Success

func Success(text string)

func Warning

func Warning(text string)


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