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func NewAttribute

func NewAttribute(namespace string, labels map[string]string, dryRun bool) admission.Attributes

    NewAttribute returns static admission Attributes for testing.

    func NewAttributeUnstructured

    func NewAttributeUnstructured(namespace string, labels map[string]string, dryRun bool) admission.Attributes

      NewAttributeUnstructured returns static admission Attributes for testing with custom resources.

      func NewAuthenticationInfoResolver

      func NewAuthenticationInfoResolver(cacheMisses *int32) webhook.AuthenticationInfoResolver

        NewAuthenticationInfoResolver creates a fake AuthenticationInfoResolver that counts cache misses on every call to its methods.

        func NewFakeDataSource

        func NewFakeDataSource(name string, webhooks []registrationv1beta1.Webhook, mutating bool, stopCh <-chan struct{}) (clientset kubernetes.Interface, factory informers.SharedInformerFactory)

          NewFakeDataSource returns a mock client and informer returning the given webhooks.

          func NewObjectInterfacesForTest

          func NewObjectInterfacesForTest() admission.ObjectInterfaces

            NewObjectInterfacesForTest returns an ObjectInterfaces appropriate for test cases in this file.

            func NewServiceResolver

            func NewServiceResolver(base url.URL) webhook.ServiceResolver

              NewServiceResolver returns a static service resolve that return the given URL or an error for the failResolve namespace.

              func NewTestServer

              func NewTestServer(t *testing.T) *httptest.Server

                NewTestServer returns a webhook test HTTPS server with fixed webhook test certs.

                func Wrapper

                  Wrapper turns an AuthenticationInfoResolver into a AuthenticationInfoResolverWrapper that unconditionally returns the given AuthenticationInfoResolver.


                  type CachedTest

                  type CachedTest struct {
                  	Name            string
                  	Webhooks        []registrationv1beta1.Webhook
                  	ExpectAllow     bool
                  	ExpectCacheMiss bool

                    CachedTest is a test case for the client manager.

                    func NewCachedClientTestcases

                    func NewCachedClientTestcases(url *url.URL) []CachedTest

                      NewCachedClientTestcases returns a set of client manager test cases.

                      type FakeAttributes

                      type FakeAttributes struct {
                      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                        FakeAttributes decorate admission.Attributes. It's used to trace the added annotations.

                        func (*FakeAttributes) AddAnnotation

                        func (f *FakeAttributes) AddAnnotation(k, v string) error

                          AddAnnotation adds an annotation key value pair to FakeAttributes

                          func (*FakeAttributes) GetAnnotations

                          func (f *FakeAttributes) GetAnnotations() map[string]string

                            GetAnnotations reads annotations from FakeAttributes

                            type Test

                            type Test struct {
                            	Name              string
                            	Webhooks          []registrationv1beta1.Webhook
                            	Path              string
                            	IsCRD             bool
                            	IsDryRun          bool
                            	AdditionalLabels  map[string]string
                            	ExpectLabels      map[string]string
                            	ExpectAllow       bool
                            	ErrorContains     string
                            	ExpectAnnotations map[string]string

                              Test is a webhook test case.

                              func NewMutatingTestCases

                              func NewMutatingTestCases(url *url.URL) []Test

                                NewMutatingTestCases returns test cases with a given base url. All test cases in NewMutatingTestCases have Patch set in AdmissionResponse. The test cases are only used by both MutatingAdmissionWebhook.

                                func NewNonMutatingTestCases

                                func NewNonMutatingTestCases(url *url.URL) []Test

                                  NewNonMutatingTestCases returns test cases with a given base url. All test cases in NewNonMutatingTestCases have no Patch set in AdmissionResponse. The test cases are used by both MutatingAdmissionWebhook and ValidatingAdmissionWebhook.