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About The Project

A terminal based file manager

Built With



curl -sfL | sh


go install


Install through the Arch User Repository with your favorite AUR helper. There are currently two possible packages:

  • fm-git: Builds the package from the main branch
paru -S fm-git
  • fm-bin: Uses the github release package
paru -S fm-bin


  • Double pane layout
  • File icons
  • Layout adjusts to terminal resize
  • Syntax highlighting for source code with customizable themes using styles from chroma (dracula, monokai etc.)
  • Render pretty markdown
  • Mouse support
  • Themes (default, gruvbox, nord)
  • Render PNG, JPG and JPEG as strings
  • Colors adapt to terminal background, for syntax highlighting to work properly on light/dark terminals, set the appropriate themes in the config file
  • Open selected file in editor set in EDITOR environment variable
  • Copy selected directory items path to the clipboard
  • Read PDF files









  • fm will start fm in the current directory
  • fm update will update fm to the latest version
  • fm --start-dir=/some/start/dir will start fm in the specified directory
  • fm --selection-path=/tmp/tmpfile will write the selected items path to the selection path when pressing E and exit fm


Key Description
h or left Paginate to the left
or down Move down in the file tree or scroll pane down
k or up Move up in the file tree or scroll pane up
l or right Paginate to the right
G Jump to bottom of file tree or pane
g Jump to top of file tree or pane
~ Go to home directory
R Go to the root directory
. Toggle hidden files and directories
ctrl+c Exit
q Exit if command bar is not open
tab Toggle between panes
esc Blur filetree input
z Create a zip file of the currently selected directory item
u Unzip a zip file
c Create a copy of a file or directory
x Delete the currently selected file or directory
n Create a new file in the current directory
N Create a new directory in the current directory
r Rename the currently selected file or directory
m Move the currently selected file or directory
e Open in editor set in EDITOR environment variable
y Copy selected directory items path to the clipboard
/ Filter the current directory with a term
? Toggle filetree full help menu
ctrl+r Reload config


A config file will be generated when you first run fm. Depending on your operating system it can be found in one of the following locations:

  • macOS: ~/Library/Application\ Support/fm/config.yml
  • Linux: ~/.config/fm/config.yml
  • Windows: C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\fm\config.yml

It will include the following default settings:

  borderless: false
  enable_logging: false
  pretty_markdown: true
  show_icons: true
  start_dir: .
  app_theme: default
    dark: dracula
    light: pygments

Local Development

Follow the instructions below to get setup for local development

  1. Clone the repo
git clone
  1. Run
  1. Build a binary
make build



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