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func BuildSentryReport

func BuildSentryReport(
	err error,
) (errMsg string, packetDetails []raven.Interface, extraDetails map[string]interface{})

BuildSentryReport builds the components of a sentry report. This can be used instead of ReportError() below to use additional custom conditions in the reporting or add additional reporting tags.

func PrintStackTrace

func PrintStackTrace(s *StackTrace) string

PrintStackTrace produces a human-readable partial representation of the stack trace.

func ReportError

func ReportError(err error) (eventID string, retErr error)

ReportError reports the given error to Sentry. The caller is responsible for checking whether telemetry is enabled.


type ReportableObject

type ReportableObject = raven.Interface

ReportableObject is an interface suitable for the extra detail objects provided to SendReport().

func NewReportMessage

func NewReportMessage(msg string) ReportableObject

NewReportMessage constructs string objects that can be added to calls to SendReport().

type StackTrace

type StackTrace = raven.Stacktrace

StackTrace is an object suitable for inclusion in errors that can ultimately be reported with ReportInternalError() or similar.

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