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var Swig_escape_always_false bool
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var Swig_escape_val interface{}


func DeleteMapStringString

func DeleteMapStringString(arg1 MapStringString)

func DeleteMatch

func DeleteMatch(arg1 Match)

func DeleteProvider

func DeleteProvider(arg1 Provider)

func DeleteVectorString

func DeleteVectorString(arg1 VectorString)

func Swig_free

func Swig_free(arg1 uintptr)

func Swig_malloc

func Swig_malloc(arg1 int) (_swig_ret uintptr)


type MapStringString

type MapStringString interface {
	Swigcptr() uintptr
	Size() (_swig_ret uint)
	Empty() (_swig_ret bool)
	Get(arg2 string) (_swig_ret string)
	Set(arg2 string, arg3 string)
	Del(arg2 string)
	Has_key(arg2 string) (_swig_ret bool)

func NewMapStringString

func NewMapStringString(a ...interface{}) MapStringString

func NewMapStringString__SWIG_0

func NewMapStringString__SWIG_0() (_swig_ret MapStringString)

func NewMapStringString__SWIG_1

func NewMapStringString__SWIG_1(arg1 MapStringString) (_swig_ret MapStringString)

type Match

type Match interface {
	Swigcptr() uintptr
	GetValues(a ...interface{}) VectorString
	GetValue(a ...interface{}) string
	GetValueAsBool(a ...interface{}) bool
	GetValueAsInteger(a ...interface{}) int
	GetValueAsDouble(a ...interface{}) float64
	GetDeviceId() (_swig_ret string)
	GetRank() (_swig_ret int)
	GetDifference() (_swig_ret int)
	GetMethod() (_swig_ret int)
	GetUserAgent() (_swig_ret string)

type Provider

type Provider interface {
	Swigcptr() uintptr
	GetHttpHeaders() (_swig_ret VectorString)
	GetAvailableProperties() (_swig_ret VectorString)
	GetDataSetName() (_swig_ret string)
	GetDataSetFormat() (_swig_ret string)
	GetDataSetPublishedDate() (_swig_ret string)
	GetDataSetNextUpdateDate() (_swig_ret string)
	GetDataSetSignatureCount() (_swig_ret int)
	GetDataSetDeviceCombinations() (_swig_ret int)
	GetMatch(a ...interface{}) Match
	GetMatchWithTolerances(a ...interface{}) Match
	GetMatchJson(a ...interface{}) string
	SetDrift(arg2 int)
	SetDifference(arg2 int)
	ReloadFromMemory(arg2 *byte, arg3 int)
	GetIsThreadSafe() (_swig_ret bool)

func NewProvider

func NewProvider(a ...interface{}) Provider

func NewProvider__SWIG_0

func NewProvider__SWIG_0(arg1 string) (_swig_ret Provider)

func NewProvider__SWIG_1

func NewProvider__SWIG_1(arg1 string, arg2 string) (_swig_ret Provider)

func NewProvider__SWIG_2

func NewProvider__SWIG_2(arg1 string, arg2 VectorString) (_swig_ret Provider)

func NewProvider__SWIG_3

func NewProvider__SWIG_3(arg1 string, arg2 string, arg3 bool) (_swig_ret Provider)

type SwigcptrMapStringString

type SwigcptrMapStringString uintptr

func (SwigcptrMapStringString) Clear

func (arg1 SwigcptrMapStringString) Clear()

func (SwigcptrMapStringString) Del

func (arg1 SwigcptrMapStringString) Del(arg2 string)

func (SwigcptrMapStringString) Empty

func (arg1 SwigcptrMapStringString) Empty() (_swig_ret bool)

func (SwigcptrMapStringString) Get

func (arg1 SwigcptrMapStringString) Get(arg2 string) (_swig_ret string)

func (SwigcptrMapStringString) Has_key

func (arg1 SwigcptrMapStringString) Has_key(arg2 string) (_swig_ret bool)

func (SwigcptrMapStringString) Set

func (arg1 SwigcptrMapStringString) Set(arg2 string, arg3 string)

func (SwigcptrMapStringString) Size

func (arg1 SwigcptrMapStringString) Size() (_swig_ret uint)

func (SwigcptrMapStringString) SwigIsMapStringString

func (p SwigcptrMapStringString) SwigIsMapStringString()

func (SwigcptrMapStringString) Swigcptr

func (p SwigcptrMapStringString) Swigcptr() uintptr

type SwigcptrMatch

type SwigcptrMatch uintptr

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetDeviceId

func (arg1 SwigcptrMatch) GetDeviceId() (_swig_ret string)

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetDifference

func (arg1 SwigcptrMatch) GetDifference() (_swig_ret int)

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetMethod

func (arg1 SwigcptrMatch) GetMethod() (_swig_ret int)

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetRank

func (arg1 SwigcptrMatch) GetRank() (_swig_ret int)

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetUserAgent

func (arg1 SwigcptrMatch) GetUserAgent() (_swig_ret string)

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetValue

func (p SwigcptrMatch) GetValue(a ...interface{}) string

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsBool

func (p SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsBool(a ...interface{}) bool

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsBool__SWIG_0

func (arg1 SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsBool__SWIG_0(arg2 string) (_swig_ret bool)

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsBool__SWIG_1

func (arg1 SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsBool__SWIG_1(arg2 int) (_swig_ret bool)

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsDouble

func (p SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsDouble(a ...interface{}) float64

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsDouble__SWIG_0

func (arg1 SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsDouble__SWIG_0(arg2 string) (_swig_ret float64)

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsDouble__SWIG_1

func (arg1 SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsDouble__SWIG_1(arg2 int) (_swig_ret float64)

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsInteger

func (p SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsInteger(a ...interface{}) int

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsInteger__SWIG_0

func (arg1 SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsInteger__SWIG_0(arg2 string) (_swig_ret int)

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsInteger__SWIG_1

func (arg1 SwigcptrMatch) GetValueAsInteger__SWIG_1(arg2 int) (_swig_ret int)

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetValue__SWIG_0

func (arg1 SwigcptrMatch) GetValue__SWIG_0(arg2 string) (_swig_ret string)

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetValue__SWIG_1

func (arg1 SwigcptrMatch) GetValue__SWIG_1(arg2 int) (_swig_ret string)

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetValues

func (p SwigcptrMatch) GetValues(a ...interface{}) VectorString

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetValues__SWIG_0

func (arg1 SwigcptrMatch) GetValues__SWIG_0(arg2 string) (_swig_ret VectorString)

func (SwigcptrMatch) GetValues__SWIG_1

func (arg1 SwigcptrMatch) GetValues__SWIG_1(arg2 int) (_swig_ret VectorString)

func (SwigcptrMatch) SwigIsMatch

func (p SwigcptrMatch) SwigIsMatch()

func (SwigcptrMatch) Swigcptr

func (p SwigcptrMatch) Swigcptr() uintptr

type SwigcptrProvider

type SwigcptrProvider uintptr

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetAvailableProperties

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) GetAvailableProperties() (_swig_ret VectorString)

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetDataSetDeviceCombinations

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) GetDataSetDeviceCombinations() (_swig_ret int)

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetDataSetFormat

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) GetDataSetFormat() (_swig_ret string)

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetDataSetName

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) GetDataSetName() (_swig_ret string)

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetDataSetNextUpdateDate

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) GetDataSetNextUpdateDate() (_swig_ret string)

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetDataSetPublishedDate

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) GetDataSetPublishedDate() (_swig_ret string)

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetDataSetSignatureCount

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) GetDataSetSignatureCount() (_swig_ret int)

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetHttpHeaders

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) GetHttpHeaders() (_swig_ret VectorString)

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetIsThreadSafe

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) GetIsThreadSafe() (_swig_ret bool)

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetMatch

func (p SwigcptrProvider) GetMatch(a ...interface{}) Match

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetMatchJson

func (p SwigcptrProvider) GetMatchJson(a ...interface{}) string

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetMatchJson__SWIG_0

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) GetMatchJson__SWIG_0(arg2 string) (_swig_ret string)

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetMatchJson__SWIG_1

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) GetMatchJson__SWIG_1(arg2 MapStringString) (_swig_ret string)

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetMatchWithTolerances

func (p SwigcptrProvider) GetMatchWithTolerances(a ...interface{}) Match

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetMatchWithTolerances__SWIG_0

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) GetMatchWithTolerances__SWIG_0(arg2 string, arg3 int, arg4 int) (_swig_ret Match)

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetMatchWithTolerances__SWIG_1

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) GetMatchWithTolerances__SWIG_1(arg2 MapStringString, arg3 int, arg4 int) (_swig_ret Match)

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetMatch__SWIG_0

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) GetMatch__SWIG_0(arg2 string) (_swig_ret Match)

func (SwigcptrProvider) GetMatch__SWIG_1

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) GetMatch__SWIG_1(arg2 MapStringString) (_swig_ret Match)

func (SwigcptrProvider) ReloadFromFile

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) ReloadFromFile()

func (SwigcptrProvider) ReloadFromMemory

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) ReloadFromMemory(arg2 *byte, arg3 int)

func (SwigcptrProvider) SetDifference

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) SetDifference(arg2 int)

func (SwigcptrProvider) SetDrift

func (arg1 SwigcptrProvider) SetDrift(arg2 int)

func (SwigcptrProvider) SwigIsProvider

func (p SwigcptrProvider) SwigIsProvider()

func (SwigcptrProvider) Swigcptr

func (p SwigcptrProvider) Swigcptr() uintptr

type SwigcptrVectorString

type SwigcptrVectorString uintptr

func (SwigcptrVectorString) Add

func (arg1 SwigcptrVectorString) Add(arg2 string)

func (SwigcptrVectorString) Capacity

func (arg1 SwigcptrVectorString) Capacity() (_swig_ret int64)

func (SwigcptrVectorString) Clear

func (arg1 SwigcptrVectorString) Clear()

func (SwigcptrVectorString) Get

func (arg1 SwigcptrVectorString) Get(arg2 int) (_swig_ret string)

func (SwigcptrVectorString) IsEmpty

func (arg1 SwigcptrVectorString) IsEmpty() (_swig_ret bool)

func (SwigcptrVectorString) Reserve

func (arg1 SwigcptrVectorString) Reserve(arg2 int64)

func (SwigcptrVectorString) Set

func (arg1 SwigcptrVectorString) Set(arg2 int, arg3 string)

func (SwigcptrVectorString) Size

func (arg1 SwigcptrVectorString) Size() (_swig_ret int64)

func (SwigcptrVectorString) SwigIsVectorString

func (p SwigcptrVectorString) SwigIsVectorString()

func (SwigcptrVectorString) Swigcptr

func (p SwigcptrVectorString) Swigcptr() uintptr

type VectorString

type VectorString interface {
	Swigcptr() uintptr
	Size() (_swig_ret int64)
	Capacity() (_swig_ret int64)
	Reserve(arg2 int64)
	IsEmpty() (_swig_ret bool)
	Add(arg2 string)
	Get(arg2 int) (_swig_ret string)
	Set(arg2 int, arg3 string)

func NewVectorString

func NewVectorString(a ...interface{}) VectorString

func NewVectorString__SWIG_0

func NewVectorString__SWIG_0() (_swig_ret VectorString)

func NewVectorString__SWIG_1

func NewVectorString__SWIG_1(arg1 int64) (_swig_ret VectorString)

func NewVectorString__SWIG_2

func NewVectorString__SWIG_2(arg1 VectorString) (_swig_ret VectorString)

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