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func GetClientset

func GetClientset(hubServerAddr, clusterID string) (kubernetes.Interface, error)

GetClientset returns a client to interact with APIServer which implements kubernetes.Interface

func GetKubeAPIReader

func GetKubeAPIReader(hubServerAddr, clusterID string) (client.Reader, error)

func GetKubeClient

func GetKubeClient(hubServerAddr, clusterID string) (client.Client, error)

func GetRESTConfig

func GetRESTConfig(hubServerAddr, clusterID string) (*rest.Config, error)


type Agent

type Agent struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewAgent

func NewAgent(hubServerAddr string) (*Agent, error)

func (*Agent) ClusterConnected

func (s *Agent) ClusterConnected(clusterID string) bool

func (*Agent) DisconnectCluster

func (s *Agent) DisconnectCluster(username string, clusterID string, logger *zap.SugaredLogger) error

func (*Agent) GetClientset

func (s *Agent) GetClientset(clusterID string) (kubernetes.Interface, error)

func (*Agent) GetKubeClient

func (s *Agent) GetKubeClient(clusterID string) (client.Client, error)

func (*Agent) ProxyAgent

func (s *Agent) ProxyAgent(writer gin.ResponseWriter, request *http.Request)

func (*Agent) ReconnectCluster

func (s *Agent) ReconnectCluster(username string, clusterID string, logger *zap.SugaredLogger) error

type HubClient

type HubClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewHubClient

func NewHubClient(hubServerAddr string) (*HubClient, error)

func (*HubClient) AgentProxy

func (c *HubClient) AgentProxy(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

func (*HubClient) CreatePost

func (c *HubClient) CreatePost(uri string) (*http.Request, error)

func (*HubClient) Disconnect

func (c *HubClient) Disconnect(id string) error

func (*HubClient) Do

func (c *HubClient) Do(uri string) error

func (*HubClient) HasSession

func (c *HubClient) HasSession(id string) error

func (*HubClient) Restore

func (c *HubClient) Restore(id string) error

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