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func DeleteProject

func DeleteProject(path string, id uint32) error

DeleteProject unsets the project id from the path and clears the quota for the project ID.

func GetProject

func GetProject(path string) (uint32, error)

GetProject returns the project quota ID for the given path.

func GetProjectUsage

func GetProjectUsage(path string, id uint32) (int64, error)

GetProjectUsage returns the current consumption.

func SetProject

func SetProject(path string, id uint32) error

SetProject recursively sets the project quota ID (and project inherit flag on directories) for the given path.

func SetProjectQuota

func SetProjectQuota(path string, id uint32, bytes int64) error

SetProjectQuota sets the quota on the project ID.

func Supported

func Supported(path string) (bool, error)

Supported check if the given path supports project quotas.


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