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var (
	// Deliver creates a Deliver stream
	Deliver = func(client pb.DeliverClient) (deliverStream, error) {
		return client.Deliver(context.Background())

	// DeliverFiltered creates a DeliverFiltered stream
	DeliverFiltered = func(client pb.DeliverClient) (deliverStream, error) {
		return client.DeliverFiltered(context.Background())


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type DeliverConnection

type DeliverConnection struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DeliverConnection manages the connection to the deliver server

func New

func New(ctx fabcontext.Client, chConfig fab.ChannelCfg, streamProvider StreamProvider, url string, opts ...options.Opt) (*DeliverConnection, error)

New returns a new Deliver Server connection

func (*DeliverConnection) Receive

func (c *DeliverConnection) Receive(eventch chan<- interface{})

Receive receives events from the deliver server

func (*DeliverConnection) Send

func (c *DeliverConnection) Send(seekInfo *ab.SeekInfo) error

Send sends a seek request to the deliver server

type Event

type Event struct {
	SourceURL string
	Event     interface{}

Event contains the deliver event as well as the event source

func NewEvent

func NewEvent(event interface{}, sourceURL string) *Event

NewEvent returns a deliver event

type StreamProvider

type StreamProvider func(pb.DeliverClient) (deliverStream, error)

StreamProvider creates a deliver stream

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