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type EngineMock

type EngineMock struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*EngineMock) Delete

func (e *EngineMock) Delete(path string, h echo.Handler)

func (*EngineMock) Get

func (e *EngineMock) Get(path string, h echo.Handler)

func (*EngineMock) IsRunning

func (e *EngineMock) IsRunning() bool

func (*EngineMock) MiddleWares

func (e *EngineMock) MiddleWares() []string

func (*EngineMock) Port

func (e *EngineMock) Port() string

func (*EngineMock) Post

func (e *EngineMock) Post(path string, h echo.Handler)

func (*EngineMock) Put

func (e *EngineMock) Put(path string, h echo.Handler)

func (*EngineMock) Run

func (e *EngineMock) Run(addr string)

func (*EngineMock) String

func (e *EngineMock) String() string

func (*EngineMock) Use

func (e *EngineMock) Use(m ...echo.Middleware)

type ResourceMock

type ResourceMock struct {
	F        interface{}
	V        interface{}
	Invalid  bool
	NotFound bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ResourceMock) BindedWith

func (r *ResourceMock) BindedWith(f interface{}) (binded bool)

func (*ResourceMock) Created

func (r *ResourceMock) Created() bool

func (*ResourceMock) Find

func (r *ResourceMock) Find(id string) (i.Viewer, error)

func (*ResourceMock) Finded

func (r *ResourceMock) Finded() bool

func (*ResourceMock) FindedBy

func (r *ResourceMock) FindedBy() string

func (*ResourceMock) Form

func (r *ResourceMock) Form() interface{}

func (*ResourceMock) Save

func (r *ResourceMock) Save() (e error)

func (*ResourceMock) String

func (r *ResourceMock) String() string

func (*ResourceMock) Url

func (r *ResourceMock) Url() string

func (*ResourceMock) View

func (r *ResourceMock) View() interface{}

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