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Package usecase

v0.0.0 (ab40044)
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Published: Nov 28, 2019 | License: GPL3 | Module:


Package usecase contains the pure business-related methods.


Package Files

type PromptCreationRequest

type PromptCreationRequest struct {
	Direction        domain.Direction
	Colorizer        color.Colorizer
	SegmentsProvider []domain.SegmentsProvider
	SeparatorConfig  domain.SeparatorConfig

PromptCreationRequest defines how to create a prompt.

type PromptWriterFunc

type PromptWriterFunc func(context.Context, ...PromptCreationRequest) error

PromptWriterFunc defines the function signature to write a prompt.

func WritePrompts

func WritePrompts(writeTo io.Writer) PromptWriterFunc

WritePrompts usecase creates and writes prompt(s).

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