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Package tracer provides functions to start and stop tracing, as well as the options to change the tracer's behaviors.



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func SetErrorWriter

func SetErrorWriter(option io.Writer)

SetErrorWriter sets the writer for the error log. The default is os.Stderrr.

func SetParseLevel

func SetParseLevel(option int)

SetParseLevel sets the parse level. The trace log includes the function's args. The parselevel option determines how detailed these values should be. The default is 1.

func SetTraceLevel

func SetTraceLevel(option int)

SetTraceLevel sets the trace level. Functions are traced if the stack depth is within this trace level. The stack depth here is based on the point tracing is enabled. The default is 1.

func SetVerboseOption

func SetVerboseOption(option bool)

SetVerboseOption sets the verbose option. It true, the debug-level messages are written as well as the normal tracing log. The default is false.

func SetWriter

func SetWriter(option io.Writer)

SetWriter sets the writer for the tracing log. The default is os.Stdout.

func Start

func Start() error

Start enables tracing.

func Stop

func Stop()

Stop stops tracing.


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