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const RecommendedConfigPathEnvVar = "KUBECONFIG"

RecommendedConfigPathEnvVar is a environment variable for path configuration


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func CascadeDeleteOptions

func CascadeDeleteOptions(gracePeriodSeconds int64) *metav1.DeleteOptions

CascadeDeletOptions are part of garbage collection policy. CascadeDeleteOptions deletes the workload after the grace period

func FilterActivePods

func FilterActivePods(pods []*v1.Pod) []*v1.Pod

FilterActivePods returns pods that have not terminated.

func FilterPodCount

func FilterPodCount(pods []*v1.Pod, phase v1.PodPhase) int32

filterPodCount returns pods based on their phase.

func GetClusterConfig

func GetClusterConfig() (*rest.Config, error)

GetClusterConfig obtain the config from the Kube configuration used by kubeconfig, or from k8s cluster.

func IsKubernetesResourceAlreadyExistError

func IsKubernetesResourceAlreadyExistError(err error) bool

IsKubernetesResourceAlreadyExistError throws error when kubernetes resources already exist.

func IsKubernetesResourceNotFoundError

func IsKubernetesResourceNotFoundError(err error) bool

IsKubernetesResourceNotFoundError throws error when there is no kubernetes resource found.

func IsPodActive

func IsPodActive(p *v1.Pod) bool

func MustNewKubeClient

func MustNewKubeClient() kubernetes.Interface

MustNewKubeClient returns new kubernetes client for cluster configuration


type CRDClient

type CRDClient interface {
	// Update a MXJob.
	Update(obj *metav1unstructured.Unstructured) error

CRDRestClient defines an interface for working with CRDs using the REST client. In most cases we want to use the auto-generated clientset for specific CRDs. The only exception is when the CRD spec is invalid and we can't parse the type into the corresponding go struct.

type CRDRestClient

type CRDRestClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CRDRestClient uses the Kubernetes rest interface to talk to the CRD.

func NewCRDRestClient

func NewCRDRestClient(version *schema.GroupVersion) (*CRDRestClient, error)

func (*CRDRestClient) Client

func (c *CRDRestClient) Client() *http.Client

HttpClient returns the http client used.

func (*CRDRestClient) Update

func (c *CRDRestClient) Update(obj *metav1unstructured.Unstructured, plural string) error

func (*CRDRestClient) UpdateStatus

func (c *CRDRestClient) UpdateStatus(obj *metav1unstructured.Unstructured, plural string) error