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var Now = time.Now

Now stubbed out to allow testing


func ValidateKey

func ValidateKey(privateKey []byte) error


type CustomTokenClaim

type CustomTokenClaim struct {
	Email     string `json:"email,omitempty"`
	ProjectID string `json:"project_id,omitempty"`
	TokenID   string `json:"token_id,omitempty"`

CustomTokenClaim represents authenticated user

func Claims

func Claims(email, projectID, tokenID string) (*jwt.Claims, *CustomTokenClaim)

type TokenAuthenticator

type TokenAuthenticator interface {
	// Authenticate checks given token and transform it to custom claim object
	Authenticate(tokenData string) (*jwt.Claims, *CustomTokenClaim, error)

TokenAuthenticator declares the method to check JWT token

func JWTTokenAuthenticator

func JWTTokenAuthenticator(privateKey []byte) TokenAuthenticator

JWTTokenAuthenticator authenticates tokens as JWT tokens produced by JWTTokenGenerator

type TokenGenerator

type TokenGenerator interface {
	// Generate generates a token which will identify the given
	// ServiceAccount. privateClaims is an interface that will be
	// serialized into the JWT payload JSON encoding at the root level of
	// the payload object. Public claims take precedent over private
	// claims i.e. if both claims and privateClaims have an "exp" field,
	// the value in claims will be used.
	Generate(claims *jwt.Claims, customClaims *CustomTokenClaim) (string, error)

TokenGenerator declares the method to generate JWT token

func JWTTokenGenerator

func JWTTokenGenerator(privateKey []byte) (TokenGenerator, error)

JWTTokenGenerator returns a TokenGenerator that generates signed JWT tokens, using the given privateKey.

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