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const (
	// OIDCKubeCfgEndpoint if enabled exposes an HTTP endpoint for generating kubeconfig for a cluster that will contain OIDC tokens
	OIDCKubeCfgEndpoint = "OIDCKubeCfgEndpoint"

	// PrometheusEndpoint if enabled exposes cluster's metrics HTTP endpoint
	PrometheusEndpoint = "PrometheusEndpoint"

	// OpenIDAuthPlugin if enabled configures the flags on the API server to use
	// OAuth2 identity providers.
	OpenIDAuthPlugin = "OpenIDAuthPlugin"

	// VerticalPodAutoscaler if enabled the cluster-controller will enable the
	// VerticalPodAutoscaler for all control plane components
	VerticalPodAutoscaler = "VerticalPodAutoscaler"

	// EtcdDataCorruptionChecks if enabled etcd will be started with
	// --experimental-initial-corrupt-check=true +
	// --experimental-corrupt-check-time=10m
	EtcdDataCorruptionChecks = "EtcdDataCorruptionChecks"


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type FeatureGate

type FeatureGate map[string]bool

FeatureGate is map of key=value pairs that enables/disables various features.

func NewFeatures

func NewFeatures(rawFeatures string) (FeatureGate, error)

NewFeatures takes comma separated key=value pairs for features and returns a FeatureGate.

func (FeatureGate) Enabled

func (f FeatureGate) Enabled(feature string) bool

Enabled returns true if the feature gate value of a particular feature is true.

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