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func GetStorageNodeAffinityFromAnnotation

func GetStorageNodeAffinityFromAnnotation(annotations map[string]string) (*v1.NodeAffinity, error)

GetStorageNodeAffinityFromAnnotation gets the json serialized data from PersistentVolume.Annotations and converts it to the NodeAffinity type in core.

func StorageNodeAffinityToAlphaAnnotation

func StorageNodeAffinityToAlphaAnnotation(annotations map[string]string, affinity *v1.NodeAffinity) error

StorageNodeAffinityToAlphaAnnotation converts NodeAffinity type to Alpha annotation for use in PersistentVolumes


type Discoverer

type Discoverer struct {
	Labels map[string]string
	// ProcTable is a reference to running processes so that we can prevent PV from being created while
	// it is being cleaned
	CleanupTracker *deleter.CleanupStatusTracker
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Discoverer finds available volumes and creates PVs for them It looks for volumes in the directories specified in the discoveryMap

func NewDiscoverer

func NewDiscoverer(config *common.RuntimeConfig, cleanupTracker *deleter.CleanupStatusTracker) (*Discoverer, error)

NewDiscoverer creates a Discoverer object that will scan through the configured directories and create local PVs for any new directories found

func (*Discoverer) DiscoverLocalVolumes

func (d *Discoverer) DiscoverLocalVolumes()

DiscoverLocalVolumes reads the configured discovery paths, and creates PVs for the new volumes

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