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type ControllerManagerConfiguration

type ControllerManagerConfiguration struct {
	// DEPRECATED/Ignored, use SecureServingOptions.BindAddress instead.
	Address string

	// DEPRECATED/Ignored, use SecureServingOptions.SecurePort instead.
	Port int32

	// ContentType is the content type for requests sent to API servers.
	ContentType string

	// kubeAPIQPS is the QPS to use while talking with kubernetes apiserver.
	KubeAPIQPS float32
	// kubeAPIBurst is the burst to use while talking with kubernetes apiserver.
	KubeAPIBurst int32

	// K8sAPIServerURL is the URL for the k8s API server.
	K8sAPIServerURL string
	// K8sKubeconfigPath is the path to the kubeconfig file with authorization
	// information.
	K8sKubeconfigPath string

	// ServiceCatalogAPIServerURL is the URL for the service-catalog API
	// server.
	ServiceCatalogAPIServerURL string
	// ServiceCatalogKubeconfigPath is the path to the kubeconfig file with
	// information about the service catalog API server.
	ServiceCatalogKubeconfigPath string
	// InsecureSkipVerify controls whether a client verifies the
	// server's certificate chain and host name.
	// If InsecureSkipVerify is true, TLS accepts any certificate
	// presented by the server and any host name in that certificate.
	// In this mode, TLS is susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks.
	// This should be used only for testing.
	ServiceCatalogInsecureSkipVerify bool

	// ResyncInterval is the interval on which the controller should re-sync
	// all informers.
	ResyncInterval time.Duration

	// ServiceBrokerRelistInterval is the interval on which Broker's catalogs are re-
	// listed.
	ServiceBrokerRelistInterval time.Duration

	// Whether or not to send the proposed optional
	// OpenServiceBroker API Context Profile field
	OSBAPIContextProfile   bool
	OSBAPIPreferredVersion string

	// OSBAPITimeOut the length of the timeout of any request to the broker.
	OSBAPITimeOut time.Duration

	// ConcurrentSyncs is the number of resources, per resource type,
	// that are allowed to sync concurrently. Larger number = more responsive
	// SC operations, but more CPU (and network) load.
	ConcurrentSyncs int

	// leaderElection defines the configuration of leader election client.
	LeaderElection componentconfig.LeaderElectionConfiguration

	// LeaderElectionNamespace is the namespace to use for the leader election
	// lock.
	LeaderElectionNamespace string

	// enableProfiling enables profiling via web interface host:port/debug/pprof/
	EnableProfiling bool

	// enableContentionProfiling enables lock contention profiling, if enableProfiling is true.
	EnableContentionProfiling bool

	// ReconciliationRetryDuration is the longest time to attempt reconciliation
	// on a given resource before failing the reconciliation
	ReconciliationRetryDuration time.Duration

	// OperationPollingMaximumBackoffDuration is the maximum duration that exponential
	// backoff for polling OSB API operations will use.
	OperationPollingMaximumBackoffDuration time.Duration

	SecureServingOptions *genericoptions.SecureServingOptions

	// ClusterIDConfigMapName is the k8s name that the clusterid configmap will have
	ClusterIDConfigMapName string
	// ClusterIDConfigMapNamespace is the k8s namespace that the clusterid configmap will be stored in.
	ClusterIDConfigMapNamespace string

ControllerManagerConfiguration encapsulates configuration for the controller manager.

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