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Package envtest provides libraries for integration testing by starting a local control plane



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const (
	StartTimeout = 60
	StopTimeout  = 60

Default binary path for test framework


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var DefaultKubeAPIServerFlags = []string{
	"--etcd-servers={{ if .EtcdURL }}{{ .EtcdURL.String }}{{ end }}",
	"--cert-dir={{ .CertDir }}",
	"--insecure-port={{ if .URL }}{{ .URL.Port }}{{ end }}",
	"--insecure-bind-address={{ if .URL }}{{ .URL.Hostname }}{{ end }}",
	"--secure-port={{ if .SecurePort }}{{ .SecurePort }}{{ end }}",

DefaultKubeAPIServerFlags are default flags necessary to bring up apiserver.


func CreateCRDs

func CreateCRDs(config *rest.Config, crds []*apiextensionsv1beta1.CustomResourceDefinition) error

CreateCRDs creates the CRDs

func InstallCRDs

InstallCRDs installs a collection of CRDs into a cluster by reading the crd yaml files from a directory

func WaitForCRDs

func WaitForCRDs(config *rest.Config, crds []*apiextensionsv1beta1.CustomResourceDefinition, options CRDInstallOptions) error

WaitForCRDs waits for the CRDs to appear in discovery


type CRDInstallOptions

type CRDInstallOptions struct {
	// Paths is the path to the directory containing CRDs
	Paths []string

	// CRDs is a list of CRDs to install
	CRDs []*apiextensionsv1beta1.CustomResourceDefinition

	// ErrorIfPathMissing will cause an error if a Path does not exist
	ErrorIfPathMissing bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CRDInstallOptions are the options for installing CRDs

type Environment

type Environment struct {
	// ControlPlane is the ControlPlane including the apiserver and etcd
	ControlPlane integration.ControlPlane

	// Config can be used to talk to the apiserver
	Config *rest.Config

	// CRDs is a list of CRDs to install
	CRDs []*apiextensionsv1beta1.CustomResourceDefinition

	// CRDDirectoryPaths is a list of paths containing CRD yaml or json configs.
	CRDDirectoryPaths []string

	// UseExisting indicates that this environments should use an
	// existing kubeconfig, instead of trying to stand up a new control plane.
	// This is useful in cases that need aggregated API servers and the like.
	UseExistingCluster bool

	// ControlPlaneStartTimeout is the maximum duration each controlplane component
	// may take to start. It defaults to the KUBEBUILDER_CONTROLPLANE_START_TIMEOUT
	// environment variable or 20 seconds if unspecified
	ControlPlaneStartTimeout time.Duration

	// ControlPlaneStopTimeout is the maximum duration each controlplane component
	// may take to stop. It defaults to the KUBEBUILDER_CONTROLPLANE_STOP_TIMEOUT
	// environment variable or 20 seconds if unspecified
	ControlPlaneStopTimeout time.Duration

	// KubeAPIServerFlags is the set of flags passed while starting the api server.
	KubeAPIServerFlags []string

Environment creates a Kubernetes test environment that will start / stop the Kubernetes control plane and install extension APIs

func (*Environment) Start

func (te *Environment) Start() (*rest.Config, error)

Start starts a local Kubernetes server and updates te.ApiserverPort with the port it is listening on

func (*Environment) Stop

func (te *Environment) Stop() error

Stop stops a running server

type NewlineReporter

type NewlineReporter = printer.NewlineReporter

NewlineReporter is Reporter that Prints a newline after the default Reporter output so that the results are correctly parsed by test automation. See issue https://github.com/jstemmer/go-junit-report/issues/31 It's re-exported here to avoid compatibility breakage/mass rewrites.


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