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func ListObjectNames

func ListObjectNames(mapper apimeta.RESTMapper, client dynamic.Interface, namespace string, selector labels.Selector, info provider.CustomMetricInfo) ([]string, error)

ListObjectNames uses the given dynamic client to list the names of all objects of the given resource matching the given selector. Namespace may be empty if the metric is for a root-scoped resource.

func ReferenceFor

ReferenceFor returns a new ObjectReference for the given group-resource and name. The group-resource is converted into a group-version-kind using the given RESTMapper. You can use this to easily construct an object reference for use in the DescribedObject field of CustomMetricInfo.

func ResourceFor

ResourceFor attempts to resolve a single qualified resource for the given metric. You can use this to resolve a particular piece of CustomMetricInfo to the underlying resource that it describes, so that you can list matching objects in the cluster.


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