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const (
	// High enough QPS to fit all expected use cases. QPS=0 is not set here, because
	// client code is overriding it.
	DefaultQPS = 1e6
	// High enough Burst to fit all expected use cases. Burst=0 is not set here, because
	// client code is overriding it.
	DefaultBurst = 1e6
	// Use kubernetes protobuf as content type by default
	DefaultContentType = "application/vnd.kubernetes.protobuf"
	// Default cluster/context/auth name to be set in clientcmd config
	DefaultCmdConfigName = "kubernetes"
	// Header name that contains token used for authorization. See TokenManager for more information.
	JWETokenHeader = "jweToken"
	// Default http header for user-agent
	DefaultUserAgent = "dashboard"

Dashboard UI default values for client configs.


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var Version = "UNKNOWN"

VERSION of this binary


func NewClientManager added in v1.6.2

func NewClientManager(kubeConfigPath, apiserverHost string) clientapi.ClientManager

NewClientManager creates client manager based on kubeConfigPath and apiserverHost parameters. If both are empty then in-cluster config is used.

func NewResourceVerber added in v1.6.2

func NewResourceVerber(client, extensionsClient, appsClient,
	batchClient, betaBatchClient, autoscalingClient, storageClient RESTClient) clientapi.ResourceVerber

NewResourceVerber creates a new resource verber that uses the given client for performing operations.


type RESTClient added in v1.6.2

type RESTClient interface {
	Delete() *restclient.Request
	Put() *restclient.Request
	Get() *restclient.Request

RESTClient is an interface for REST operations used in this file.


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